It's about time I posted a new mix...

Monkey Do

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I'm touching myself as I write this post.
If you head over to and look on the "latest news" bit posted today (Aug 10th) there is a link to a recent mix of mine.

I'll put the playlist and stuff up there later (got to go to work).

The mix contains a load of tunes mashed together, hence the title, and even drops in a little Monster Magnet at one point :huh:

This mix was actually inspired by talking to dreadmonkeyninjahenners at Psyproject who said he perferred the first two mixes I posted here to some of my more recent stuff so I decided to attempt recapture the spirit of those original 2 (Diabolus/Depthcharge). So if you think the mix is shit then blame henners :Wink3:
Huh? I posted a reply to this...whereditgo?

Anyway, Monster Magnet - they were sort of drifting into the rawk scene as I was driftin out of it so I pretty much missed them apart from a couple of tunes on some of Deadgirls compilations.
It's about time you posted a new mix too Red Five - The last one was excellent.

I like yours too MonkeyDo - You are much more prolific than RedFive at producing regular mixes.
the vicar is my fav mix

do others put a mix together over a period of time then perfect it?

i only ask cos mine are just raw ones @ home wiv headphones only

Red five said:
you like monster magnet?

man do i have some music for you...i have everything up until they stopped smoking pot and turned into metallica...

:lol: :lol: :lol:

I even got the metallica ones (classic :Wink3: ) bring back the pot I say!

Superjudge still stands as an all time favorite!

MD:I download the last one and go to sleep!

A link btw for Paul's mix?
:speaker: Stonking mix there Monkey Do...was a bit like stepping into a lift, only to have the cables cut...whoooosh!!!

It made me go & grab my IM 'Deeply Disturbed' track & lob on a few times afterwards :Smile3:

...And our survey said....Bing :drinking:
Thanksverymuch RezN8, glad you liked it.

I half expected to get shit for using Deeply Disturbed in there...surely it's getting too mainstream for the Psy-forum elite? Fuck it though, it's a great tune and so nice to mix in and out of.

Magicdave: Still not managed to successfully connect to your FTP, got some message about permissions and it being read only then it closed the session. Going to try again from home tonight.
thass a cracker! love the eat static mix of BEN at the end, I wish they'd get off their asses and take over the world.