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A total of 3,443 people died on the UK's roads in 2001

Fifty-two passengers were killed when four suicide bombers attacked the London transport network on 7 July.

Instead of taking away civil liberties (which they have no right to do) to avert what can only be descibed as a minor source of death in this country.

Perhaps we should refrain from invading other countries and killing 1000's of foreigners. That way they wont get pissed at us and try to blow us up.

UK troops out now!

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There comes a point where if death is the price of retaining human rights and liberties, then so be it. WW2 was largely fought on that basis, and rightly so - even though millions died.

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The tragedy is that none of those deaths on 7/7 were inevitable, but for Blair's lying, murdering aggression.




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My agency wants more power and money... you can all have less civil liberties whilst we're at it.


Freedom under the jackboot is not freedom.