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am plannin a trip to london area for some schoolin,
and wanna chek out the psy party scene while i'm there,
along with the hard core scene (like a spiral tribe23 connecxion!!)
been a psy freak in tokyo for a while, hope to c some of u on the dancefloor!

bom peace :Grin:
hopefully next spring (or when it gets warmer.. hehe)
know all the crzzynes of psy parties in tokyo,
but have yet to experience hardcore free parties of the european/english caliber that i've been readin/listenin about..

& for sure hope the psy is alive in the UK as well.
Hello Dance&smile,

Should still be a few parties going on by the time you get here :Wink3:

one important Question!
where in the UK would be the best place to locate to be closest to the best parties??
(well i would guess london..)
but what about Brighton? Manchestor? Bristol?

where is the most happenin? (or where would be the best place to locate myself to be able to travel about to the best parties?) :!:
hello, lots of parties happening in the south east. Kent has lots of forest parties, london has lots of squat parties and brighton has lots of outdoor parties too, probably squat parties too (but dont know that for sure)!
Best thing i could recommend is try to get about and see as much of what the Uk has to offer as possible. I was at lots of forest and squat parties in the south east this summer, want to get out and about more next year. Apparently good things happen in bristol.
dance&smile? welcome home..... :Smile3: that's all we ever do here :lol: :party2: :partysmi: