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Zia-Trance is now featuring a special preview of the upcoming party Dreamfields, which will be held in Beloit, WI from August 26th - 28th produced by the Chilluminati, Audiognomes, and Psymbolic.

Featuring exclusive unreleased Jirah tracks as well as an assortment of music off of his released material. DJ Sets by Chicago's renowned Dan Efex and Madison's Underfoot will also be featured.

Jirah's final performance will be at Dreamfields, as all good things must end…
Zia-Trance is honored to host this celebration of his numerous accomplishments…

Jirah's music is driving and complex with epic passages. The sophistication of compositions draws the listener into an interconnected web of tonality and harmony. It’s a journey through a seamless array of gossamer thread.

Dan Efex's mix captures his mastery of dj-ing. He creates works of art that have emotion and meaning. Form and concept unify into one, dynamically ascending into something more, empathetically communicating spirituality. Expert mixing and track selection make this a must listen!

Underfoot's mix, "Cueing Up the Cosmos", is exceptionally good with its broad scope of styles and agile mixes. Its moods alter from one energized state to another in an exhilarating ride through grove and vibration. It taps into the current of the universe and offers a glimpse of the perfection.

Airing from 8/16 to 8/29.

Best wishes,
Bob Trahpek

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Schedule of events:

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M,W, F
Starting at 2 PM EST and again at 2 AM EST

Tu, Th, Sa, Su
Starting at 9 PM EST and again at 9 AM EST

Performance order:
Jirah tracks - 1:05 minutes total
Dan Efex - 59 minutes
Jirah tracks - 1:04 minutes total
Underfoot - 1:16 minutes
Jirah tracks - 1:01 minutes total

Info and tickets:

Jirah's first official vinyl pressing & limited editions, numbered & signed, are available through the Psymbolic Shop: