Exulus Apr 9, 2004

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    hey peeps! 18 year old here whose been juggling since he was about 8..although only in the past few years has gotton serious about it...

    Anyway, i can do some 3 ball tricks - cascade, shower, columns, rainbow, mills mess etc. As well as 4 ball cascade.

    [​IMG] <-----thats me!

    I've recently joined a juggling club and have relearnt the clubs (i used to be able to do em). I hope to learn how to juggle fireclubs safely by the end of the summer! Also perhaps if i have time to try a bit of staffing, although that looks really complicated.

    Any recommendations on what is the best type of juggling to do to psy? Although pois do look very nice when under any sort of influence (:Wink3:) i dont think its the thing for me.

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