Jupiter 8000



The last CD I bought by this guy was Unify in his Electric Universe guise. That CD was pure class from start till finish. Also there are certain producers in the Psy scene that you know you can depend on to produce the goods and Boris Blenn is one.

As Jupiter 8000 Blenns tunes have a slightly harder edge but retain some of the melody of Electric Universe.

Most of the tunes on here are sort of loop based with a melodic lead line being repeated with little variation. I know this dosen't sound too inspiring but add the years of experience of production that BB has and you end up with a crystal clear sound that oozes quality.

Bit too early to name favourites apart from (I think) track 8, a rifftastic guitar fest to rival Psycraft.

Highly recommended 8.5/10 :partysmi: