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Close to Birmingham

Im 23 years old, im from Brazil and I just moved to England, where I hope to stay until the end of the year!! I started to go to Psytrance parties about 4 years ago, and I can tell that we have really nice open air parties (sometimes Big festivals) in Brazil!!
I spent the last year in Australia, and I went back to Brazil to spend 2 months with family and friends and I saw something awful: Our scene which used to be underground, just became something completely popular...now people are distribuiting flyers for parties everywhere (Universities, shopping centres...), and it is terrible cause the parties are full of people who really dont know which kind of music they are listen there, they just go to raves cause it is a place that they can use drugs and the police cant do anything!!!

I really would like to go to really nice parties here, cause of that I`ve been looking for infos, and I found this forum......I hope u can help me to find them!!!

That is it for the moment, feel free to send me emails and sorry for my English,


Psico_KrioK :peace:

seems u came to the right place

browse around the parties section and Im sure U'll find wot u're looking for
Hey you 've been around!
Hope u enjoy your stay in London and grace this forum with ur thoughts!
Brazil rocks!
I went to Trancedence two years ago and it was the most amazing party ever!!!!
AND so many beautiful ladies :Grin:
ANyhow :welcome: and Njoy!
Welcome to London! I'm brazilian as well and it was really nice "see" more brazilian on the psy forum! I'm organizer e dj. At the moment i'm running Wonderland, it's a progressive psy trance party. Would be nice keep in touch!!

Love, peace & music.
Honestly, I wasnt expecting people wriiting so many nice things to me here, cause when I went to Australia I looked for a forum aswell, but people werent that friendly, anyway.......
I`d like to thanks everybody who wrote something about "welcome"!!!! I feel really happy to see that there are some nice people in the scene here, as we still have in Brazil!!! I just dont remember the name of the people who wrote to me(hahahha, Im still a little bit f**ed of my holidays in Brazil!!!!), but I`d like to say for the guy who went to TRANCEDENCE, that I was there 2 years ago, and that Festival was incredible (we had two really nice Festivals in NY Eve this year, but unfortunatelly I came to ENgland couple of days before that!!!!hahaha)
So, there is another guy from Brazil aswell??? Sounds really nice, I really think that Brazillians and British can learn alot with each other!!!Are you Dj??? Did u use to play in Brazil aswell??How long have u been here in England for???
Could anyone tell me one thing??? WHat is more popular here, progressive or fullon???? How often can we find open air parties???

Many thanks for all of you, and PLUR,


PS:Im living close to Birmingham for while, but Im thinkng about to move to London soon
you'll have to wait until the summer time really for open air parties, in the meantime london hosts some of the best parties in the country, aslo theres bristol and birmingham which offer some good ones too.

hope u enjoy the forum amigo :Grin: