Just got some new RAM for the PC


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Ashford, Kent
I have finally got some new RAM for the PC, as the other stick was corrupt!! Put this one in and it came up with a message along the lines of 'DRAM too tightly reload timing'!! The computer then booted up and it hasn't said the message again when I restart it, does anyone know what hat means?

However I bought the RAM because the comuter kept crashing with the old stuff, and was told by lots of peeps that it was likely to be the RAM, its running better, but did freeze up again with the new ram in it, and that was just running a movie in media player!! Does anyone know of any bios setting that I could look at, as I think the problem could lie with a chip setting being wrong or sumfin along those lines.

Any help appreciated..... :bananada:
It may well be that the new stick (being more modern) has different CAS latency to the original. Often this is an option in the BIOS that you can adjust but it is frequently hidden to stop inexperienced hands fucking it up.

Sounds like the motherboard detected this and has made some automatic adjustment to get the best performance.

Sounds like the problem isn't the ram.

If I was you I'd download memtest and thoroughly check both sticks individually.

LINK --> http://www.memtest86.com/

It takes quite a while but run all the tests and see what it tells you. Also, I take it you did go to the motherboard manufacturers site and check for approved ram rather than just getting the cheapest generic stick you could find??

This is frequently a cause of problems as some boards can be quite fussy about what you put in them. Kingston, Crucial and Corsair all are good brands and you can enter your motherboard details on their site and it'll tell you the best ram choices for the board. You'll see things like 7 5 5 2.5

This is the timing settings i was mentioning earlier

Good luck
Your ram might be faster than you CPU /mother board. 333hz mother board 400hz ram for example in this case your ram would be down graded to 333.
Just a guess not really sure.
Also check the pc number on the ram pc3200 ECT then check in your motherboards manual and see if it takes this type of ram. The thing is that your system is running so this probably is not the issue.
JPsychodelicacy said:
What's the rest of your setup (i.e. motherboard, proc, soundcard, gfx card etc)?


Hey sorry, have not got acces to internet readily at the mo!!

I have an msi motherboard, p4 2.8 800 buss speed, ATI graphics card, edirol UA 20 sound card. the RAM I bought was recommended by msi and wasn't the cheapest!! Stupidly have lost all manuals e.t.c for the motherbaord, so don't really know the model. However the PC is running a lot smoother, and hasn't crashed in the past couple of days.

But will try the memory test out on it, I think the RAM was 333mhz!! But at the moment it appears a lot better than it was. i'l write some tunig on it when I get a spare minute and see how she copes!!

Thanks for the advice dudes..

Don't forget that on the 800mhz P4's you really should be running dual channel ram. That means 2 IDENTICAL sticks in the motherboard. Otherwise your whole system will be bottlenecked by the ram at 333 or 400mhz at best.

Another reason for buying AMD... No 'Quad Pumped' architecture here, thus more sensible buss speeds, and only one stick of ram required. Dual channel does give a varied performance increase but the gains are so small you'd have to be a lottery winner to warrant buying them.