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Hei trippers and trancers, this is a label announcement with news + updates on whats going on within KER.

KER (Kali Earth Records)


Kali Earth was established as a new label on the 28th of December 2017. The first release was on the same night. The release is a single track by Material Music (a talented artist) given to the psytrance event organizer Love&Magic, in 2015. It was only now let loose, just the way it is. A proper Record label, i think we most agree on is a label that publish and release physical formats (CD, Vinyl) as well as the new digital formats like i.e FLAC and Wav. We've chosen a tad unconventional way of starting up the label in these new times. Therefor we use mainly Bandcamp but we will when things are more ready and steady move onto other distributor pages as well to be more accessible to the general wider public. Right now, we only offer a CDr/File of our debut release (KER001) . And the single is a grower, so expect it to get more tracks added soon.... Our aim is in general great psytrance and chillout music, and we're not afraid of pushing the envelope or to creating a new style on the way. The label name Kali Earth Records is in direct inspiration to the legendary label, Shiva Space Technology (SST). In retrospect, you could say that the world is also too full of bad kali, and hence, Kali Earth Records. PS. we are searching for a logo, maybe you have an idea and would like to contribute your logo suggestion?

We come with much love, and true peace of mind.

Boom shanti *


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So this is the very first release on KALI EARTH RECORDS - KERCDR001/KERDG001:

Track: L&M 100s
Style: Progressive Analog Goa Trance


Yes, it's a single. And it's a grower.. Right now it contains 1. the original mix 2. the LIVE version from 2015 - the single however will feature more special edits and remixes of the track. Like actual DJ versions from local DJ's. So keep an eye on it! If you want to have your DJ edit of the track released, contact me.

Here is the soundcloud with a free download:

And here is the mixcloud with the Live edition, which is free on Bandcamp (name your price)

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Appreciate the promotion. Here is a new EP on KER,

Ambient Mann is a known ambient DJ with residency at RadioQ37 and Love&Magic.
This is his artist production anno. 2015 with 2019 mastering.
Hei hei all, we aim to show that there is quality Goatrance made in Norway as well as Psy. We worked hard for over a year to create the best product possible. Please help us make this a reality, any donation appreciated but those donating 300 NOK or more will receive the 3xCD Digipak; 28 tracks, Artwork by Mariquesart - 3 panel clear plastic trays - no booklet, no extra cardboard unless funds roll in .. 300/500copies will be printed depending on economy (at least 100 copies will go to the 20 artists involved). All tracks are ready, mastered (Goa Doc), unreleased with production years ranging from 1995 til 2019! V/A -GOAGILDE "Norway's Got Goatrance" with: Maan - Phreak By Nature - Clementz - Excitaxory (ex-Engines Of Creation) - Armakuni (debut) - Microcosm - Phobium - Material Music - Vimana Shastra - Homegrown Lifeform - Angry Dwarf - Strangepork (Drum Pets) - Trold - Psyolopher - Protostar One - Aion - Ra - Goalien - Lemurians .. + Bonus: digi DL track by Ion Vader.

Have a taste of the compilation here:

CD1 = Analogue Fjords of Norway

CD2 = Norwegian Aural Borealis

CD3 = Yah-hey Tru Norvegr


>> the fund-raising link

.. if you wish to donate without using PayPal, please PM me.

As you can see the goal is near. The official release date is not set yet, as we're waiting for the original handpainted artwork by Mariques Art to be done before the VA can be pressed (professional glass CDs and quality Digipak). Expected finilizing and official release of the physical product is around Sept.,/Oct. 2019.

Thank you :Smile3:(: Namaste ॐ PLUR

PS. All profit from this if any will go to the next level Goatrance V/A on KER named GOAGIMLE.
Today's KER news, release date: 15th of October 2019 ---- Pre-prder ---

GOCH - Forte EP (KERDiG004)

1. Style
2. Rugged Knocks
3. Forest Floorrist
4. Stratum

Do you enjoy the music drive and flow of GOCH? Visit him here: ----- Kali Earth Records from Norway utter awe by shock-releasing a hard- and void dripping dark psychedelic Forest trance EP by the artistic and powerful sonic sensation "GOCH" whose musical exhalation and touch in stellar groove is made of what ingredients few others possess, and access .... So let go of your pillow- and get pulled and prepare for a merciless mystical 4-t:Rrack ride through hot kicks, bearing basses, and arboreal spirit ghosts with stomping chakras' ready to surround your presence and knock reminisces from a carved matrix indulged in natures burial space. Take care. With P.L.U.R, KER
Well ppl, what to write (:: The Goagilde VA reached a fun 3rd place for a good while on's Top 100 Sold CDs, .....
Awesome! .. Well now at this very moment it's fallen down to a 8th place. Very cool anyway and we are happy.

Now : KER has released 2 EP preorders, with worldwide release dates on the 24th & 29th of February 2020.

Check'em out here & there:

- Zeta Reticuli EP,

- Aion EP,

Boom bloom & peace'n Love
Wooow! Forgot to post this incredible production from a hidden talent from Norway:

^ Availible all ovah! Shops & Streaming sites.
Check out these expencive pre-orders on BC! Price will drop down to KER's Nice Price when Artwork is done and official worldwide is set. Your support is appreciated:Smile3:






Hodd is a Norrøn (viking) word for Forest. Hoddon plays on the Full-On genre, Hoodient on the Ambient, Hoddlum on the Gangsta, Hoddhi on the Hitech, and Hoddyaar on the Goa-Trance.
A killer Goa-Trance EP ...

Listen to 7 States of Madness

'Morioun started as a Goa-Trance DJ in 2015 with a soft spot for the old school and has both national and international gigs under his belt. Creating his own tracks since 2019 and playing full producer sets, he developed a unique style that is focused on analog sound design, groovy rhythms, and acid sounds, ranging somewhere between the dark and the light. He works a lot with hardware and has improved his studio and workflow constantly erver since with putting a real stamp on his tunes. He's released various tracks over the last three years on respected Labels like Schlabbaduerst ReKkords, Chronicle of Mystery Records, 303-Break-Street, as well as a 3 Track EP and one full length Album on DharmaR Records. Furthermore he is one of the label managers of Kandiszucker Records. It is now an honour for him to be released on the notorious K.E.R. with a concept based EP that discovers the borders of sanity, reflecting on society and the shadows of humanity. Listen to a twisted story about ghosts creeping through the corridors of the night-time office after a long weekend, the dark side of historical pop-culture with its influences of the present. You'll hear about sects and leaders, rise and fall of sanity and different shapes of madness within four tracks that are supposed to melt your brain away!'

- Officially be Released in Dec. '23.
Hodd, a viking word for Forest.
On, the indication of Full-On.


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