Top 10 Kamaflage records top 10 bangers for aircraft hangers

mad ron

Some top ten bangers for your aircraft hangers
Henry Seligman (Kamflage Records)
September O5

1. Unknown - (Snoop Dogg) "lets get blown" electro bootleg (White label)
Sleazy Neptunes cut is butchered by some berk with a sampler. Sounds great.

2. James Holden- The wheel (Cocoon)
Music Lovers can buy this for £50 or just download it off the internet

3. The MFA- The Difference it makes pitchshifter rmx (Kompakt)
The original came with seriously out there remixes. This is pretty normal all things considered.

4. Justus Koenke-Timecode (Kompakt)
Stunning tune. Has been in my box for blaady ages.

5. Abakus- Apricots (Zulu Lounge)
Sounds like old abakus but with a really cheeky and danceable groove.

6. Henry- Disco-tech (unsigned-kamaflage?)
A rip-off of the MFA with psy house squeels. Badass!

7. Silicone soul - under a werewolf moon (martinex remix) (Soma)
Sexy and beautifully produced electroprog.

8. Martinez-cloud stepping (Out of Orbit)
The Shuffle is back. Triplet heaven.

9. The Misfits-Unknown (Digital Structures unr.)
Gnarly lead complains at crowd. Crowd respond with gurning.

10. Tiga - Louder than a Bomb (Play it again Sam)
Classic Acid house vibe with ?Public Enemy vocal.

Til next time.


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mad ron said:
10. Tiga - Louder than a Bomb (Play it again Sam)
Classic Acid house vibe with ?Public Enemy vocal.

Tiga's done some awesome electro remixs.. nelly 'its hot in herre' in particular is pretty cool..

mad ron

jamez_23 said:
sounds class ...... :icool:

It is class. I saw some of the misfits last week and they said that the track was called "electrofeel" but that might have been a misunderstanding.

I agree about the nelly remix. It is pretty cool. If you like that you should check out the pitchshifter remix of "slow" by Kylie minogue. It has the whole re-singing the original in a pervy german accent" thing as well. I love that shit. More of that the better I say. I played it at the glade festival and it seemed to go down well.

what do you call an italian with a rubber toe?

mad ron

I know a s well as you do that you look exactly like Daisy from spaced but thats good enough for!



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