Ketuh Records - Killer Buds - Interfiber Skunk KTHCD009

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Killer Buds - Interfiber Skunk KTHCD009


Produced by: Dj P_Mac

Distribution: Arabesque
+4420 8993 5966

Ketuh Records
+43 676 302 7397

01 - First Step
02 - Optical Activity
03 - I Got the Virus
04 - Interfiber Skunk
05 - Spells and Temptations
06 - Anti-Gravity
07 - Orbital Interference
08 - Goa Bombay Cartoon

Mastered by Enzio at The Lab Studios (Brazil)

This Brasilian Trio is unparalleled, trying to describe their innovative ideas, spine tingling breaks and Percussive madness is under-stating the real effect. . .
. . . If we reveal more then we spoil the surprise.)
Enjoy as we do!

All tracks are writen and produced by Enzio, Marcelo & Tarcisio at The Lab Studios
*except track 8 w&p by Enzio, Tarcisio, Marcelo and Leonardo (KB Vs Cosmonet)

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Woah, this album sounds better every time I listen to it.


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Aalborg, Denmark
Killer Buds – Interfiber Skunk

Hi-res cover: front + back

Artist: Killer Buds (Brazil)
Title: Interfiber Skunk
Format: CD (jewel case)
Label: Ketuh (Portugal/Austria)
Cat. #: KTHCD009
Distribution: Arabesque
Date: 2 May 2005

Track listing:

01. 07’15†First Step
02. 06’22†Optical Activity
03. 07’05†I Got The Virus
04. 07’22†Interfiber Skunk
05. 07’33†Spells And Temptations
06. 06’56†Anti-Gravity
07. 07’37†Orbital Interference
08.07’17†Goa Bombay Cartoon

.m3u-playlist: (all tracks)


Brazilian acid-samba-freaks on the loose!

9th release by the Portuguese-born, now Austrian-based label Ketuh Records… We’ve seen an increase in quality as the label grows stronger and despite the high release frequency, it’s always a pleasure popping a Ketuh release in your sound system… This time it’s the debut album by the Brazilian trio Killer Buds… Enzio, Tarcisio & Marcelo are Ketuh regulars and their tracks have stood out on all the compilations I have reviewed so far… So I’m really looking forward to this full album… Let’s light up and see if The Buds can pass the acid test…

Let me take you thru the tracks…

#01: First Step
“Drugs – always kills you in the end!†The first step is… First Step! The theme of the track is a very characteristic snarling tweaked acid-line – hurtling relentless through the cosmos… It twists and turns alongside a fast-paced bassline somewhere in between full-on and darker night trance… After the climax the track is in full effect – sweet! A nice track, but somehow I feel the Buds haven’t fully opened their goodie-bag yet…

#02: Optical Activity
Really trippy intro here… What the fuck just happened? The twisted lead from the first track also sticks its ugly head out here - ahh, consistency… Nice! The Buds uses stereo FX to the fullest, and it’s a pleasure to enjoy the twisted music jump from one speaker channel to the other… And back again! This is a very visual track – with rapid changes in pace and direction… Hectic maybe, but trippy as hell… The build-up and take-off here is impressive, but towards the end of the track it gets a little too hectic even for my fucked-up taste… But a nice track nonetheless…

#03: I Got The Virus
Another brilliant intro… When was the last time you heard scratching in a psytrance track? Cool! The lead melody is frenzied and again the acid is running thick here… Sprinkled around are loads and loads of little twisted voice samples and psychedelic FX… I like the acid-stabs and the brilliant breaks here… Oh, and the scratching is pretty refreshing too… Tasty track!

#04: Interfiber Skunk
Time for the title track… Again there is consistency from the earlier tracks – certain riffs and themes that correlates… Nice! Another crazy, in-yer-face raging acid-track here… With a ton of psychedelia to mess with your head… The rapid changes in pace and direction ensures that you don’t get bored…Check out the very cool build-up/extended climax part - guaranteed to tear any dancefloor apart… Pas the bud this way dammit – this is excellent Brazilian skunk!

#05: Spells And Temptations
“Ahh, my dear listener. Have you ever been hypnotized or put under a spell? Have you heard of mysterious disappearances?†Do not give in to temptation! After a lengthy voice sample I cannot identify we launch into yet another full-blown psychedelic acid-stomper… Acid being the keyword here – the track is soaked in acid-lines, naïve melodies and one break/climax part after the other… And a pounding bassline to even things out… Massive track!

#06: Anti-Gravity
We stay in acid-country here… Hints from the previous tracks are still present, and yes you’ve guessed it – this is pretty much the same well-tested formula… Hectic, multilayered, fast-paced full-on with enough acid-leads to satisfy a grumpy old trancer like myself… One could argue, that the Buds are repeating themselves now… Squeaking to the max, formulated full-on - throw in a handful of fast take-offs and add a head bob-friendly melody – and we’ve got a winner! Good, but the novelty is starting to wear off now…

#07: Orbital Interference
And it looks like they got the message… this is different… If only a little, but still different… The intro is very atmospheric – and once the track is in full session, the kicks are harder… We still get the Killer Buds madness that I really like, but with a harder edge now… The break that begins after the 4th minute is long enough to for everyone on the dancefloor to start screaming, whistling, jumping for joy… And the Buds really know how to tease this listener... Well done! Nice track!

#08: Goa Bombay Cartoon
This track was produced by the Buds in corporation with some dude who calls himself Cosmonet…. As with the previous track the style here is a little darker than the first tracks on the album… But rest assured, this track has the Killer Buds trademark stamped all over it… Twirling acid-lines, melodic leads and funny twists and turns all over the place… The cartoon link is evident with all kinds of funny FX and samples… Very funny and trippy! Stand-out track!

Right – this is a good album in the familiar Ketuh style… Killer Buds have found their style, and if you’re familiar with that, you will not be disappointed… This is acid-galore to the max! Full-power relentless psytrance in a multilayered, complex frenzy with crazy samples, rapid changes in pace and oddball turns and twists… And for a debut album, they’ve done damn good! There is consistency between the tracks which generally is a good thing – but it also has the negative effect that too many of the tracks sound alike… The novelty starts to wear off after 5-6 similar tracks in a row which can be a problem when it comes to home listening. But it’s a positive drawback really… On a smaller scale it’s kinda like they’ve drowned in their own success… But if you know what you’re getting into, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the album… I do! It will also come in very handy as a DJ tool – there are enough bombs here to tear any trance floor apart …

To contradict myself even further and add to the confusing, I’m also slightly disappointed that this album only runs for about 58 minutes… Another couple of tracks could’ve been fitted in easily – perhaps even a chilled track to finish things off!? It’s not the best album I’ve heard this year – but it’s still a good, fresh psytrance album drenched in acid… Acid fans unite! I would pick this album over a formulated neo full-on album any day… No doubt about that! It’s Ketuh quality after all! Enjoy!

Favourites: 3, 4(!), 5(!), 7, 8(!!)


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Will Dogon

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Have ordered this one....wish i'd read ur thread first mate....already got it comin on a pre-order.

Samples sound verrrry tasty indeed :Grin:

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Killer Buds – Interfiber Skunk (Ketuh Records) KTHCD009

Finally it’s here, the artist album that I’ve been wanting to hear for along time. After previous storming releases on past Ketuh compilations, I was totally taken by surprise by this, their debut album. Psychotic liquid drenched acidic morning melodic madness are just some of the many words that spring to mind. If the Goa producers back in the day had today’s technology, then it might sound like a little bit like this. Sun soaked melodies permeate this album, full on beach party music to lose it to. Each track tells you a part of the whole story although while similar, they wander off into different twists, turns and funked out grooves that will conjure up images of a solar drenched sandy paradise, with the searing trademark Killer Buds synth sounds tearing up the trancefloor. This album has to be experienced loud or at the very least on headphones. This is emotional party music that brings a smile to your face with clever use of voice samples and highly charged atmospheric synth leads. Pass the pipe full of Interfiber Skunk.

Faourite tracks, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7


Enjoy :Wink3: :Grin: :smokingr: :peace: