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Title: Various Artists “ ALittle Lunacyâ€
Catalogue nr: Kthcd007
Release: JAN. 2005
Label: Ketuh Records (Portugal)
Compiled by: Dj P_Mac

Distribution: Arabesque
+4420 8993 5966

Ketuh Records
+43 676 302 7397

Mastered by: Joao Apell @ Audialize Studio, Cascais

TRack listing:

1. Gappeq - Digital Art
w&p: Jirka | Czech Rep
2. Shift - Absolution rmx
w&p: Chris Hoy | South Africa
3. Killer Buds - Superman
w&p: Enzio, Tarcisio & Marcelo | Brasil
4. Azax Syndrom - Ketuh insomnia
w&p: Regev Azaria | Israel
5. Blisargon Demogorgon -Prepare for love
w&p: Valentino | R. of Macedonia
6. Tryambaka - 150Fuckin good reasons
w&p: Tiago Pimentel | Portugal
7. Audialize - G-strings Menog rmx
w&p:Joao Apell, rmx by Joao Daniel | Portugal
8. Spectra - Numbers
w&p: Paulo & Chico Oliveira | Portugal
9. Chilled C“quence - Sense
w&p: Pedro Matias & Fernando Rodrigues | Portugal

This is our Seventh release, and what a ride it has been .) ALittle Lunacy gives you a feel as to what direction we are heading with 2005 just around the corner.
Ketuh records will maintain its incessant quest for the underground artists who stay off the beaten track.
Besides our usual suspects: Gappeq, Shift, Killer Buds, Tryambaka, Spectra, Audialize, and Azax Syndrom we present two new additions whom we hope will become regulars.
Blisargon Demogorgon’s Dark acidic sounds and fat bass lines is what awaits us, Chilled C“quence are Pedro Matias and Fernando. Portugals’ latest addition to the ambient world, their ethnic sounds and Dubby beats are our best way to conclude this Litlle Lunacy .)

Enjoy as we do!

Stay Tuned for V/A In Crypto (Kthcd08) due out FEB 2005
More underground than ever before . . .

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I have an unmastered promo of this, and ladies and gentlemen - start saving up... It's another batch of high-quality Ketuh choons that will mess with your emotions... Ripping stuff!

The Shift track is awesome - ripping acidlines en mas... Oh my... Same with Killer Buds - pure acid belch-o-rama... Azax will keep you up at night, and Tryambaka is messing around with both spooky and funny samples... The Menog rmx of Audialize is kinda funky - in a Ketuh kinda way... And Spectra chainsaws any resistance...

Special mention for the new projects Blisargon Demogorgon (toxic sound - lethal stuff) & Chilled C“quence (lovely dubby experimental stuff...)

This is the hardest Ketuh compilation thus far - it's one phat acid-line after the other... I'm a sucker for those, so I can't wait for the proper release... Expect a full review then...



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Hob Nob King
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Out today everybody. Will be going to pick this up from the distributor this afternoon :Wink3: If anyone want's to buy one, then PM me :Smile3: :punk: :speaker: :clubjump: :partysmi:


As of yesterdays (1st so far) hearing i'm impressed from the work they do in Ketuh....

Following the Successfull Suspended Reality (the only1 had so far) we have to deal with 9 killer tracks ideal for dance floor & home-mixing.

the cd kept me from track 1 intoductory track by Digital art to what is going to happen, continues with shift the usual suspects!! and passes the ball To Killer BUds(1st time i hear them) and the party begins 4 fucking good!!! Azax syndrom to follow and the surprize from Ex yugoslavia and not Macedonia (it's like saying Port-the wine , is Spanish ) BLISARGON DEMOGORGON just Awesome! !! Tryambaka Audialise and Spectra to conclude
what a brilliant compilation(and successfull purchase) with 4 known djs and 5 Underground ones to become the future( Awaiting for killer buds album from Ketuh soon)



Was listening to the samples just now; sounds a a distorted kind of way :cool:

Would be my first Ketuh purchase; well done guys!



A Little Lunacy along with Psycho Cell from Disco Valley are absolutely essential!

Old news but never fail to delight me he he!


I just realized I never posted my review of this... So here we go:

V/A – ALittle Lunacy

High res: cover

Artist: Various
Title: ALittle Lunacy
Format: CD (jewel case)
Label: Ketuh Records (Portugal/Austria)
Cat. #: KTHCD007
Distribution: Arabesque
Date: 24 January 2005

Track listing:

01. 07’17†Gappeq – Digital Art
02. 08’19†Shift – Absolution Rmx
03. 07’46†Killer Buds - Superman
04. 07’33†Azax Syndrome – Ketuh Insomnia
05. 08’08†Blisargon Demogorgon – Prepare For Love
06. 07’57†Trymbaka – 150 Fucking Good Reasons
07. 08’28†Audialize – G-strings (Menog Rmx)
08. 08’28†Spectra – Numbers
09. 08’32†Chilled Câ€quence – Sense

M3U playlist: (all tracks!)


Lunacy – anyone familiar with the Ketuh’s back catalogue will agree that’s indeed a fitting word for describing the style of psytrance put out by these guys… I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing the last 3 compilations and they were all high quality hyper-trance, so I had high expectations for this, the seventh Ketuh installation… I got a taster in late December 04, and finally here’s the fully mastered version… Again its big cheese label boss P_Mac who did the hard work of compiling it – and as I can vouch for his great taste in music, I’ve got a good feeling about this… Let’s try a little lunacy…

Let me take you thru the tracks…

#01: Gappeq – Digital Art
First up is Mr. Jirka from the Czech Republic who also had the first track on the last two Ketuh compilations… And he does here what he does best: Semi hard morning trance or semi light night track… Hybrid trance! It’s reminiscent of the sound on the new X-Dream album We Interface, especially on the vocal side… Hints of raging acid, but still melodic at heart and basically uplifting… As we have come to know Gappeq as the Ketuh toastmaster… Nice track!

#02: Shift – Absolution Rmx
Next up is Mr. Hoy from South Africa – aka Shift which is also a Ketuh regular… Ripping acid lines en mas! I do not know the original tune, so I can’t tell you what was changed for this remix, but I can tell you however, that this is one damn fine tune in the true Shift sense… Deep, dark, raw, wriggly hyper-psytrance with enough acid to keep me entertained for the time being… The building up here is amazing… Great track!

#03: Killer Buds – Superman
“What happened back there Link? I can't figure it out, sir. Agents just came out of nowhere. And then the code got all weird. Encryption I've never seen. Okay? Shit, Morpheus, you should have seen him. Where is he now? He's doing his Superman thing!†Ahh – Killer Buds… This is the fourth consecutive Ketuh compilation to feature a track from the Brazilian acid-samba-freaks… And damn, they’ve done it again – another phat acid-ridden, thrilling 303-ride to heaven… Rippling, tickling, teasing acid-lines – sweet, thrilling build-ups – and rewards in the sense of climaxes that will cause havoc in any mind and on any trancefloor… This is why I love psychedelic trance! Can’t wait for the upcoming debut album - Stellar track!

#04: Azax Syndrome – Ketuh Insomnia
“Who’s your daddy?†Let’s turn our attention to Israel, where Regev Azaria has stirred up a little lunacy to keep us up at night… As always with Azax, the sound is deep, dark horror-trance – with thick, thick acid-lines twirling back and forth messing with your emotions… This is evil – in the best sense of the word… Brilliant track!

#05: Blisargon Demogorgon – Prepare For Love
Blisargon Demogorgon is Valentino Trencev from the Republic of Macedonia and to my knowledge this is only his third released track… But I hope to hear more – this is good! Balkan hyper-trance with thick, hardcore noise-influences… Deep, dark, spooky – and with an impressive drive throughout the track… Check out the lethal, toxic acid-raven – yikes! Nice track!

#06: Tryambaka – 150 Fucking Good Reasons
“No more… No more… Oh my god… I give us about 20 minutes before the first ass raping …†Woow – I should hope not! Tiago Pimentel from Portugal aka. Tryambaka had his first released track on the last Ketuh compilation Peacemaker… I wasn’t too impressed with his debut track, but this second attempt is better… He’s getting there! After three really hardcore tracks, this is a little lighter – though with the same style as his first track: fast-paced, humorous night trance… Loads of Road Trip samples and funny bits – but unfortunately not enough to make this anything else but an average track…

#07: Audialize – G-strings (Menog Rmx)
“You must concentrate…†Right, so here’s a remix to a track from Joao Apell’s 2003 album Wanted – done by Daniel Bernardo aka Menog... Two of Portugals most well-respected psy-trance producers… I don’t remember the original track, as I don’t have the album yet [mental note to self: buy the damn Audialize album!] – so I can’t tell you what’s different in this remix… What I can tell you though is that this is a damn fine track… Rolling melodies, impressive percussion and an overall phat groove… Jumping, bubbling and bouncing… Good stuff!

#08: Spectra – Numbers
Spectra is Paulo & Chico Oliveira from Portugal, and this is my first encounter with their music – although they’ve already had a couple of released tracks on Spectral Records… This is a cool track with a unique sound… It’s not as ‘hardcore’ as most of its predecessors – It’s kinda old school, layered night time trance… Great use of electronic guitars and subtle voice samples… You’re starting to come down from the trip now – chilling, yet still totally rockin’…

#09: Chilled Câ€quence – Sense
And now we’re really chilling out… As legends has it, a nice chilled track to finish things off – helping you come down of the trip… And this is by the upcoming Portuguese duo Chilled Câ€quence with members Pedro Matias & Fernando Rodrigues … As the title suggest, this is chilled stuff – chilly, dubby, soothing experimental stuff with breakz, bits and bytes… Ahh, digital ear cotton buds… Lovely debut track and a fine way to end the compilation…

Another fine Ketuh compilation comes to an end… And it’s another stormer with only a couple of mediocre track… As with Peacemaker, the flow of tracks have really improved and I’m hoping this is the flow path Ketuh will take in the future… The quality level of this label is impressive – they always deliver quality despite the high release frequency… It can be done! I’m looking forward to their 8th and 9th releases coming soon - the In Crypto compilation and the debut album from Killer Buds).

As mentioned above, there are only a couple of mediocre tracks here and I only found one minor flaw: On the cover Tryambaka is listed as 'Trymbaka'… But besides from that, this compilation oozes quality… I will not hesitate recommending this to fans of the harder Ketuh/Pavarti/Ørebro style of twisted night time trance with just the right amount of acid lines to freak you out! Enjoy!

Favourites: 2, 3(!!), 4(!), 5, 7


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