Kevin Knuth on The Physics of UAP

UAP update.

FYI, if anyone hasnt, get hold of a transcript of the Condine Report by the DIS is Britain. Its from 97-2000. WOrth a read, imo.

No matter what you think on the subject the report is worth an investigation - if you give a toss, obvs.

ALl this current media hype about disclosure. In Condine, you have official admittance that shit is happening and no one knows what is causing it. Thats a big deal from the DIS.

''the remaining unexplainable reports were most likely the result of a supernormal meteorological phenomena not fully understood by modern science'' - official line. Fair enough, but if you apply the official line 'supernormal meteorological phenomena not fully understood by modern science', and then compare and contrast this idea with the actual details of each experience within the 'remaining unexplainable' report data. If you do this analysis (it would take some time, but if you do fancy some homework) , then you should uncover events, processes and experiences which do not fit into current accepted natural world schema. Many such events and experiences underline the fact that the human mind and these 'supernormal meteorological phenomena' interact , in real time, with (atleast witnessed with humans so far. It would be trickier to work out if your dog was controlling the weather with its mind, for example) human consciousness ( the consciousness of those in its immediate vicinity - those at first hand - at the business end).

thats a pretty big conclusion. If its true.

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