Kevlar Helmet for sale

Trance Bear

Professional Monkey Boy
hey, i've got this funky british army bulletproof kevlar combat helmet and i don't really want it. any offers? i will consider trading for pretty much anything


Now Less Confused
No, its a normal hamster. But its very sweet. This is a serious offer by the way - i have too many hamsters


Now Less Confused
Well... you live in kent, and i live in Winchester. Sooo... i guess next time i'm driving down to kent, i can come and swap it with you.

I have quite a large choice of hamsters - would you prefer a tame adult one, a young one, a short haired one, a multi coloured one etc etc etc


Pantheistic Cyberneticist
Um. Cari why do you need a kevlar combat helmet ?
Man, those hamsters must be tougher than they look ...


Throb Farmer
Trance Bear said:
sounds good to me. how will the sweet creature and headgear be exchanged.

Providing the package was suitably strong and with air holes whats wrong with the post?


marathon solo-sessionahoy
martin_e said:
Um. Cari why do you need a kevlar combat helmet ?

extreme anal-foraging.


Now Less Confused
Continuum said:
Not really. Well OK. A bit. Hmmph. I forgot you have no sense of humour when it comes to hamster abuse.

*mock falsetto voice* "ooooh, i forgot you had no sense of humor when it comes to hamster abuse"


Trance Bear

Professional Monkey Boy
i would prefer a tame one i could use to nible on mine ememies ears. mwah.

hamsters are the future.


Now Less Confused
Done and done.

Well... what colours do you prefer.

I have a lovely grown up boy called willy - he is one of my favourites so giving him away would be hard but i already have too many pets as it is.

He is real friendly.




Hard as Nails !
he looks like he's got a pretty mean streak, but he's carrying......... :hehe: