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although i think music these days is on the whole pretty damn good; there is one slight trend that is beginning to annoy me... that is the over use ofbassline key changes. you know, when the note of the bassline changes in a eurotrance kind of way. it strikes me as being unimaginative and can make a really nice melodic track instantly cheesy. for example, protoculture and pop stream both have a tendency to overuse this, and i wish they'd stop it. it doesn't really serve any purpose other than to make me want to vomit.

any thoughts, or is this just another of my irrational phobias to list alongside the colour beige and arsenal f.c.?
wizzy noise do it ok
and etnica
i'd say pop stream and protocunture are revoltingly cheesey anyway :runsmile:
(but then cheese gives me nightmares :Wink3: )


Stunning Cunt
is "protocunture" a typo? (please say no) :lol1:

wizzy noise do manage it ok, but they are one of teh very few. the really annoying thing is that more and more acts are doing it, and hardly any of them pull it off.

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yep gotta agree wiv ya Tom it is becoming more and more used in tracks these days...... :sad: It makes you have to really think whether the rest of the tune is good enough to hold its own against the bass key change......9/10 times it isn't. I think it depends what key the bass is in in the first place too.....if its quite high (as with the more euphoric israelly stuff) then it imediately becomes cheesy when it drops down and back up again....however, if the key is quite low to start wiv and it does it it doesnt quite seem as bad...noticed this in a couple of D-Tek tracks and he seemed to get away wiv it


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I frikkin' hate it. It's the soul reason I quit the majority of trance parties. I really f***ing hate it. :!: :mad:

It originated from a few genre busting tracks; namely Deedrah:Reload and that prick Astrix copied it to death along with his prick mates, Gary Linaker wotever... Few of which, I hasten to add originated from any spiritually led intuition. They happened upon the scene, (thus Don'd the mask of spirituality) because they were consigned (posted) to india for army back then, I digress..

Sorry, I fookin arrogant I know. Prolly wrong too. :blink:

They were duefully inspired by the music, granted, I would be too, but it doesn't consitite as earnest a path of creation as I would enjoy. :unsure:

They took the best of what was, and doctored it enough to call it their own.

Commonly referred to as; Plagiarism.

THINK - how many possibilities of producing BASS are there?? infinite pretty much. You look in any other scene and the bass is as diverse as the places and people of whom produce it.

Who says you have to stick with this formula - what does it have to do with lucid psychedelic states of mind?

I think it says as much about the friends and crews who make it as it does their apparent interest psychedelia. I'd even be suprised if they gave a fuck about pys's.

Arse and more arse.

I get more inspiration from Mystic Meg.




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i soooo agree with you lot, f**ing cheesy key change rubbish!

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Key changes can really do the trick when the tune is minimal, atmospheric and hypnotic,

i.e. the opposite of Popstream and Protoculture

very very very few people can use it in a good way.


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liked Timeless (Utopia Recs) when it came out, and initially did love the bass keychange a la Sixsense, Audiotec and Ultravoice...but after a very short while it starts sounding awefully predictable and frankly quite shit. :juggle:

....still, occasionally has its moments. :Smile3:


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i think when it's done once, it works fine -- like voice of cod just a ride, or the rinkadink vs dj sprena (sp?) one off that alchemy thing from end of 2003.

done once, it releases tons of energy... which like CYHTG (who i'm still sure is a bloke, my primitive reality tunnel wont allow for otherwise) says Wizzy use to a wicked effect.

the problem is over use and over reliance, which is where pop stream and the new etnica album go wrong and end up in the Great Ibiza Bin In The Sky.

(Protoculture is forgiven Bin status on the sole basis of New Directions. Which now ironically should be renamed Old Directions.)


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I agree that done once, and in certain contexts, it's fine, but it's the proliferation of key changes that are added willy nilly cos they can't think of anything else to do with the tune that get me.

damion said:
(Protoculture is forgiven Bin status on the sole basis of New Directions. Which now ironically should be renamed Old Directions.)

i don't know; his output since then is enough to have him binned in my book, only for the key changes.

don't get me wrong i love his music; but every time i'm going nuts on the dancefloor to one of his tracks and that bass line shifts it makes me sigh.


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homeworld... universo paralello.... nexus six remix...?

i fully agree that he has a certain paul-van-dyk-in-waiting about him but surely he's done some pretty good stuff tom?


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yep, it is good. but, it used to be that, for me, the latest protoculture track would always be considered for playing out, and now they aren't... cos i'm sick of the key changes (high octane is a very good exampe of this) :Smile3:

(edited for shite english)

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Most of the music I hear in London parties has been like that in recent months :Sad:
There is many way's to change the key.. And you can't just say everything sucks if it changes key. I am sure many of you go crazy to Rastaliens and Fractal Glider and Space tribe, who aswell changes key's. The thing that makes it cheesy is the high melody's. And it's all the same when it comes from israel, i think we can agree on that one.
So if you hate it so much (Fabs) don't listen to it) I am sure there is something else than that you fancy.

There is something for everyone. And luckely i am one of them that likes it. I like the hard aswell as the light full on... Love it! :P



Stunning Cunt
you're right about rastaliens etc, i do love 'em, but the changes they make are subtle, not like being hit over the head repeatedly with a brick.


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Nate admits he's a little cheese meister.

He only young though. 22/23 summint now


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Eeeeeek - who let the girly in?? :wub:


I think this track illustrates the point perfectly.......number 1 :runsmile:

sorry to everyone for inflicting this upon ur ears this thursday afternoon.....but it's fucking shocking