Psychedelic Trance Kid Kosmik - SpaceWarp Recs 2021

SpaceWarp Records

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Be prepared to get your space warped with this latest DJ promotion mix from Kid Kosmik!
Turn your volume up and immerse yourself in a drenching of fullon psychedelic trance as Kid Kosmik leads you into his world of grooved-out bass lines, hypnotic tones and enticing melodies.

Track List:
01: Xpiral - Quantum Tricks
02: Kronic - Doorway to Infinity
03: Spectra Sonics - Primally Colour
04: Paul Taylor vs Andy Mason - Bandersnatch
05: 2.0 - Hyperactive disorder (Tera Remix)
06: Cosmo Tech - Non Physical
07: Rigel - Aperture Science
08: Dickster & Darshan - Decoder
09: 2012 - Pax
10: Earthspace - Loud Pressure

KID KOSMIK [SpaceWarp Recs]
Attracted by psychedelic music, Kid Kosmik started DJing Psychedelic Trance in 2004 and soon he played on many party's in Vienna and Austria. In the beginning years, Kid Kosmik performed under several aliases that changed from time to time.

As “Ghost In The Shroom”, he appeared in the last years on several international Psytrance line-ups of smaller and mid-sized clubs and festivals in Europe, Central America and Goa/India. In 2013 he started to learn producing his own music and picked up knowledge from friends and other producers over the past years.