Kindzadza - Parvati Records

1. Dasty Ho
2. Wild Tales
3. Beta Galaxy
4. Sin Tron
5. Nature Grow
6. Furiya Kruchiya
7. Mars Bless U
8. Romantik Moments
9. Lofaz Dream

To start with I think the album has a unique and a nice psychedelic artwork. Reminds of 80s east european and russian animations with a psychedelic twist.
I got this album cause I ve listened to him on Nocturne - Discovalley Records. He is even more powerful and more twisted than he was in the comp. I think this is a great debut album. If you like discovalley s style this album will satisfy you. It is a sonic mayhem with tons of layers of sound, going from one speaker to other. Great twisted night time music. Definetly not sounding like the rest of the scene. Just got amazed what he thinks of Romantik Moments hehe. Listening to this album from start to the end causes your brain to react different :wacko:

8/10 :speaker:

wow so twisted, while posting my net connection freaked out hence the double post
Nice review mate, but please use the search function, as this album has been mentioned here :Smile3: