Kit lists

kit (used as)


korg i3 (midi controller, piano/elec piano/organs/etc)
emu xk6 (midi controller, occasional pads, basslines)


korg ms2k (any and all sorts of synth sounds)


mackie cfx-12 (plugging things into :P )


roland sp808ex (playing live)


lots (everything)
Not much in the way of gear to be honest - my electronic stuff's mostly done in software these days :

Computer : Recording, sound building, arranging, general futzing - AMD XP2600+, 1GB RAM, 200GB HDD, Echo Gina Soundcard

Mixer(ish - borrowed) : Fostex DMT-8 - Mixing! :Wink3:

Nord Lead (borrowed from full lotus) : Nord specific noises and knob twiddling :Smile3:

Guitars (my babies) : Ovation-style acoustic, Yamaha 12-string acoustic, Fender Strat, Fender Tele.

Guitar amp & FX : Fender Deluxe 112, Marshall VS8100, Zoom 4040 FX unit (plus assorted random pedals)

Keyboard controller : Edirol PC300

Cruddy hi-fi amp and speakers :Wink3:

Here goes - this kit has been built up over a *long* period of time. Some of the older kit has been sold to make way for newer, more flexible stuff:

Minimoog Voyager - great for bubbles, 70's style leads. Put on a silver suit and pretend your Rick Wakeman / Vangelis / (insert 70's prog rocker of your choice).
Triton Extreme - standard sounds workhorse
Korg Z1 - really good harsh digital sound with aliasing on the filters which give it a unique sound. Great for pads & general up-front extreme digital sounds
Nord Lead 3 keyboard - superb cutting filters and great interface. My main live KB
Virus B - 'nuff said
SPD20 drum pads - don't usually use the internal sounds, but it's useful as a midi trigger

M-One XL - reverbs - used live
VF1 (3 of them) - swiss army knife of multi-f - used live
Aphex 204 - doesn't get a lot of use, but can bring sparkle to a live PA sound
Triple C stereo - multi-band compression - again, for live
Feedback Destroyer - for assisting with live guitar
Boss GT6 - all-in one very flexible guitar FX

Custom Kehler Strat - further customised with noiseless pickups. Humbuckers & Kehler locking mechanism

Powercore Firewire - mainly using for reverbs when recording, but compressors also getting heavy use

Absynth 2 - evolving pads a speciality. Am just starting to get to grips with the interface on this.
Halion 2 - basic sampling
Battery - drum / phrase sample playback
Pro53 - OK sounding analogue
V-Station - great for bass
Spektral Delay - strange delay FX
Attack - shame waldorf went out of business. This is handy for producing analogue percussion
Cubase SX 2.2 - main sequencer
Wavelab 4 - sample editing and mastering
Live 3 - just got this. Looking at using it for more portable live production if it works out

Custom built PC desktop and Dell Inspiron 8000
RME multiface with interfaces for both PCs.
Midex 8 midi interface

Mackie 1202 Vlz Pro - live mixing

Mackie monitors (can't remember the model)

2x CJD500s (the small ones) - main DJing source
Redsound Infader - DJing mixer
Technics 1210 Mk2 - for vinyl of course
Redsound MIDI sync box for synching delays for live & DJing

Some other odds 'n' sods.

Now - just need to find more time for tune writing!!!
I am new to music production and am still building my studio.

Here are some pics.
I figure it will be a while before I finnish the manuals but think of the possibilities.


That really is an outrageous set-up!

And I thought Pascal's (OVNI) studio was a bit cramped. Not only does he have a *huge* mixer surrounded by a shed-load of old analogues, his hall is stacked with old knackered keyboards and his spare room is also filled to the brim with half-working keyboards and sound sources.

Mostly just given to him 'cos they aren't working.

He's got 3 old Teisco's as some of his main sound sources - great sounding old machines and not something you come across every day.

My kit is actually quite compact - especially since the mixing's done in Cubase. It looks like a long list, but it doesn't take up much room (a lot of it's software anyhow). Actually managed to dismantle it and re-build it on stage for a live set within an hour. Not something I want to do on a regular basis though...

BTW - on the infader question: the 3 crossfaders do work quite well. I don't tend to use them on stage much though. I'm reasonably used to using the EQ knobs.

Back onto studios - this one made me smile:

Note the 4 viruses (viri?) in the rack and the 2 viruses to lest and right of the seat.
No hardware
No samples


(oh well. I _do_ have some hardware, but 99% of time I use VST only... that track was made for a Psycle compo with the aforementioned limits<g>)

Just out of curiosity, Empty-1: since you don't sell anything, where the earth did all the money for that studio come from?? Must have cost a fortune?
The same pictures with precise device listing is on the label's site too? Doesn't seem like a joke to me, so somebody here seems to have a dayjob that pays for the bills better than well :Wink3:

Very cool tunes btw the ones by Goasyndrome! I particularily like Final Fantasy... Some are quite over the top and dead cheesy, but there are many good ones too. The site doesn't exist anymore?
Taika-Kim said:
The same pictures with precise device listing is on the label's site too?

exactly! :Smile3:


search google for 'studio kit psy trance'

what is second on the list???

of course, it might not be a hoax, and in which case


:bananada: :bananada: :bananada: :bananada: :bananada:

you lucky git! well done!