Kiwa - RetroActive


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Artist: Kiwa (M.Elsinen & M.Louhio)

Title: RetroActive

Label: Surreal Audio Recordings

Cat: SURR006CD

Style: Psytrance

01 Intro Sound 06:41
02 Oxygen 07:24
03 Dtm 09:29
04 Mental Collapse 07:23
05 Five Digit Orange 07:11
06 Pure In Motion 05:51
07 Aeroplane Menace 07:29
08 Sidechained 08:15
09 Commercial Break Munchies 03:03
10 Over The Top 05:39
11 Purist 06:45
12 Retro Activity 02:56

The usual..

Maybe (although I do doubt it) it's the booze talking, but this album sure makes me feel as if I'm one big ass LSD consumer. Then again it might simply be those groovy as hell basslines, furious layers of beats, sounds, twists and butter that play together to create this all together psychedelic experience. To tell the truth I feel awkward while listening to these beats, sounds (you get the picture?), if there are other people (IE my parents) at home.

If you ask me, Kiwa is (capitals)the(/capitals) flagship of Finnish psytrance. Their debut, Dreamtime Enhancer that is, was released just like a year ago. To me at least it came out of the blue, and umm, well Kiwa sure proved themselves. Take my word for it, mp3s simply don't cut it for Kiwa. The stream of sound is just simply too much.

About the music..

More than anything the music is positive and happy. It's also by all means groovy. Other than that it's pretty psychedelic and from time to time even spooky. It does take time, lots and lots of time, but do believe me, in the end you'll love it! When, like a few rows above I stated the music is happy I sure as hell didn't mean that it's happy in that fluffy euro/ibiza/dream/euphoria trance way, but that all-in-all twisted evil "lets do drugs" kind of way. The music is also a little housey, but not in the house house way, it's psytrance all the way down, quite innovative psytrance if I may add. Well we do get a few heavenly downbeat/breakbeat/ambient chillers.

Forgive me..

The short review, but I'm running out of time. By this time tomorrow I'll be serving Finland at some distant military installment. But hey, at least I'll have RetroActive MD with me.


Omniholic, Surreal & Kiwa
Excellent review mate and a really fine cut from Finland!
Totally with you on Dreamtime Enhancer and don't need to hear a single sample to go for that one as well! :Wink3:
Seen em play in Samo this year, was more than great before I succumbed to an exhaustive sleep!

Oh man, bloody military service!
I have to face this perspective quite soon as well & it bugs me no end.... :no:
(ehm, I'd rather do other things really)
How many months in Finland?
Good luck with it!
We will actually release this one sooner than expected, since were all ready to its actually released next week, the shops shoud have it pretty soon. Plus PsyDMT in London will have it next week definately, cause the package from here has just been sent there :Smile3: