Klopfgeister: Sweet Compromise


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okey, actually, let me attempt a review here. its my first so be kind.

Klopfgeister : Sweet Compromise



1. Traumpatrouille
2. Luminosity
3. Why Are Traffic Lights Red
4. Equos
5. The Day After
6. Sweet Compromise
7. Are You Free
8. Lass Die Sonne In Dein Hertz
9. Melanchohol

"Traumpatrouille" starts with some nice pads. Nothing to be overly excited about. Matrix samples follow. Oh my, you may be thinking but they actually fit and the whole matrix craze was a while ago so its not that bad. The track goes on into a bouncy rhythm and some guitars and vocals on top. Overall, its a fairly laid back track with some eary vocals and pads going on. Its a good introduction to this album.

"Luminosity" is a bit faster and I like its flow much better then the first track's. It pushes, rather then bounces if you know what I mean. I'd like to hear this in a club. I think its a great dance track.

Number three is "Why Are Traffic Lights Are Red". Very similar in mood to the previous two but with more going on over the beats. It actually has some interesting synth work rather then just random effects we're all used to hearing. I ike this one even more then the previous one.

"Equos" has many of the same elements as the first three tracks but they managed to do something different with them. More energy at the end of the track. I'm thinking, the more I listen to this cd the more I like it.

Next up is "The Day After". Here we are greated with a low pad and some percussion going on that soon develops into a full beat. No time wasted here. More percussion added, vocals come in and you actually get a sense of atmosphere before you realise what is going on. This is where I decide to google "Klopfgeister" and see what these guys have done before. I come up with http://www.klopfgeister.com Check their page, they have some tunes for download available there.

Breakbeats! "Sweet Compromise" keeps the same feeling but it all happens over some breaks. The best thing about it is they managed to pull it off well, rather then just making a breaks track for the sake of having one on the album.

"Are You Free". Feels faster then the rest. Not sure if it actually is or if its because it comes after the breaks tune. Its not bad but its not especially good either. I won't skip it while listening to the cd but I could live without it too. Also, I'm getting fed up with writing this review...

...anyway, "Lass Die Sonne In Dein Hertz" got its name because of the excellent pad in the end. Or so I like to imagine. I could just listen to that on repeat. Really, really nice. The sample I link here has only about 8 seconds of it though. Tough shit, go buy the cd.

Last is the standard slow outro track "Melanchohol". Yeah, whatever. Sounds like the Diablo soundtrack mixed with a car commercial. Just pretend its not on the cd. I'm not even linking the sample here :p

I've been listening to this cd for a while now and in case you couldn't tell its a great album. Reminds me a bit of Haldolium - H2. Only a bit though because nothing is as good as THAT.




I've done all this work for you now go buy it already.