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I was introduced to trance about a year ago in South Africa. (Where I was born and have
recently arrived from) I didn’t want to dance at first, the beat intimidated me. It made me feel...uncomfortable and afraid. I suspect now that that uncomfortably was my ego under attack. I was trying, unconsciously, to defend myself against something that was in fact trying to free me. Is this not so the case before our minds are cleansed of illusion? We bite the hands that try and free us while entertaining wolves and hypocrites that only want to take a bite. Perhaps not.

Either way with each party I have been too since I have found myself more able to give into this beat this knocking this...knowing that I do not know or understand but that seems to know and understand me so well! And why I say that is because while at first I was so afraid of this loud knocking at the door that made me feel so uncomfortable and afraid as though it was the big bad wolf himself outside trying to blow my house down, I am finding that with each time I surrender to the beat another piece another brick another bar of the prison I though was my house is dismantled!



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Welcome to the forum, Sneed. I sort of know what you mean. I'd say don't worry about it - we never 'are', we are always 'becoming'. If trance makes you happy, then go for it - that really is the main thing. Don't let yourself get frustrated by not achieving a goal you can't even define. Stop trying and just go with those funky funky beats! It's about being, rather than watching yourself be - and it's certainly not about comparing yourself to others. If you find yourself getting frustrated, just let go of the frustration and stop trying. While it's all very exciting, a relaxed mind is your biggest ally.

And why the fuck have you got so much blank space at the end of that post? :ilol:


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huge gap.... reason?

but hey, welcome to the forum Sneed! :happy:
where abouts in south africa are you from?


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Hi Crisps
Im from Cape Town
The Gap?
The only way place I can think of where it may have come from is microsoft word where I typed it and then cut and pasted it into this box. Other than that the honest truth is I really dont know.

Squagnut seems to think the gap is actually a large piece of wool that Im secretly trying to pull over his eyes in an attempt to...I dunno, Take a bite?. I hope you dont think that cause, well, its not true, Its just a huge bloody gap of empty space the origin of which is as much a mystery to me as it is to you.:ismile:


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Dja... Kuip Teown is mos lekker, ne? I can't believe you found trance threatening. Wow. Did you go to Alien Safari or one of the Vortex parties? Me - I've only been to Getafix. Us Gautengers have to make do with Lunartech (when they actually get their stuff together)

Welcome. It's not all what it seems... but it can be lots of fun.

(My obtuse comment for the day).


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Hello sneed. I also did feel intimidated by the music at my first trance party. Really in my case I think it was due to coming out of childhood. Out in the big world doing something for my self and because of my self. Not out doing something because some one else throught I should or that I would like it. It was something that I liked. Transitions I guess. Sounds to me that the beast who’s waking you up is non other than you’re self, or a part of your self. You can be your own best friend in this case.

P.S. Welcome to the forum dude.:cooljump: :grin:


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Thanks for the welcome guys.
Actually Lala69 the firts Trance party I went to was in Knysan (Nice ne?)
Coming out of childhood and facing new things in a new way? Definatley.
There were lots of things at the time that I had been ignoring and not wanting to deal with. I found I couldnt lie to or bull shit the music the way I had been myself and others. It helped and still does help me face up to things by bringing them out of my shadow and into the light where I can deal with them. Thats the beast I guess, just previously unknown and denied parts of myself that Im facing and getting to know...

Thanks for the obtuse comment LaLa, -It's not all what it seems... but it can be lots of fun.-
No, I dont reckon it is all what it seem and thank God can you imagine if it was? If there was no, like, bigger picture for us to strive toward figuring out? My word! Heelwat verskriklik en sonder pret dit sou wees! Iekona eishh..:ino:


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Welkom :Wink3:
Glad to see another Cape Towner here! I wish I had known about psy-trance when I still lived in Cape Town, but my brother has told me loads about day I will have to go back and "have it" :party2:
Hope you enjoy it here :Grin: