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Hehe, well I just got round to having a look at this and WOW

[Throws RMIV metaphorically out the window]

I've just got stuck in to a new tune and it's more complete than most of my previous efforts and I've only got a Kontakt and Albino2 in the proverbial rack!! And lovely sounding too :Smile3:

I found it a bit difficult to get into but the manual proved invaluable. I don't think I'd have been able to suss out the groups thing otherwise and prob stopped using it. In fact I find (with my limited useage so far) that the groups are the worst thing to set up if you've dragged lots of single samples to an instrument. But essential to use the send effects right.

Oh, and remembering to turn on/off the all groups button when editting parameters..... :Grin: but otherwise having loads of fun and got some nice big saws going how I wanted them using single oscillators......

I'm really trying to use the 'less is more' approach by restricting what I'm using in a track and getting into using more audio to free up processor power. It's not a slow PC (AMD2000xp, 1gig PC2100 ram, fast barracuda disks) but it does start to struggle sometimes. I think I've fallen foul of the 'load everything i can find' syndrome and with all that choice never really got under the skin of any of the VSTi's.

This forum has really helped get my enthusiasm back again too...... just need some decent monitors now and i'll be happy.
kontakt is amazing, so is albino 2

i know what you mean about keeping things simple, i just loaded some mroe stuff just coz i wanted a fre different delays, and my processor guage went right up instantly

with knontakt i just give every sample its own midi channel, then mash it up proper, its wicked, and doesn everything i want pretty much.

havent read the manual yet, though, even after 2 years of use!
midi channel per sample????? :blink:

I thought that the midi channel was global per instrument! Can you set each groups midi trigger then?

Oh it just gets better and better.......
OK, this is the product of 5 hours playing, it's not very 'Psy' but I wouldn't mind ur opinions even if they are "Get some decent monitors!!!" coz I can't tell what it really sounds like......

Test sample
well, i meant, i use each sample in its own instrument..

so i can use 16 samples in each instance of kontakt, which allows me to mangle each one to death

i'd use a drum sampler for percusiion duties, i like 'dr-008- with its built in drum synths. mmm
im listening

the kicks nice and punch, allthough seems to have a click at the end, the result of a very short release on the compressor? just cut it off with the envelope

like the bass, not what i'd use...but warm, and deep and proggy

the percussion is cool atmospherically wise, then come a mental techno percussion mad thing, which is pretty grroovy,..with flanged things razzing over the top...may i suggest a filter over the top of all the percussion to move things a bit, lFO or just hand twiddling?

it sounds like one of those numbers that will steadily progress into a stomping seshion, acid lines and a change of the bassline to a more prodding repeataive thing could work really nicely about 4 minutes in..
Cheers for the feedback sainsbury, it's grown into quite a different monster today, the bass as you've described it was what I was trying to achieve so that's cool.

Gotta work on some more percussion for fills and section start/ends (lead ins and out) but I don't want to go too over the top as the 'mental techno percussion thing' has some brothers and sisters now and I want that groove to be what drives the track.

Predictably?? :unsure: there is an acid line now but more a meandering filtered riff than some fierce lead. I like my tunes to build and build and keep subtle layers changing the groove throughout, the kind of thing where you think it's pretty proggy but before you know it it's become quite intense (but still groovy). As I said it's not really that 'psy' but it's still got me wiggling in ma chair after 8 hours so there might just be something in it.

Problem is it's now over 8 mins long with no sign of stopping....... think I'm gonna have to haul on the reigns soon :Grin:

Gonna burn it and test it on the main room rig at the Academy next Saturday to see how it REALLY sounds..... :punk:
wow, i'd love to test something there!!!

i've got a problem at the moment witht he tune i'm writing, spent all week on it and its still lurking about 5 minutes...thing is it just unleashes immediatly then doesnt really know where to go, so i'm thinking i should minialise it so it builds up like you mentioned, i like that in a tune, your dancing along then all of a sudden you realise youve been sucked into one big helluva groove hole!