Korg Chaos Pad


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what do u guys think of this gadget?? i been thinking about buying one coz i like the idea of adding some physical motion, or m i totally wrong??
these are absolutely wicked in a live set :Smile3: we had a go with the new version in our set in amsterdam and it added soooo many live squiggles and squelches - it's got a synth in it , you can program the fx - once you've got a feel for the pad you can really stir up the dancefloor!! we're waiting to find one on ebay if nyone knows


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I bought one of these about 4 months ago but haven't really spent enough time with it as yet. There are some wonderful features such as the 2 samplers but there is also so much else that you need to spend a lot of time with it to get the most from it.

I've only really been doing the basics with it up to yet such as laying a phaser or flanger over a mix, or using the sampler to fill in breakdowns or playing the sample in reverse for that reversed kick sound.

It's got some cool sounding whooshes that you can stick in breakdowns too and the dub delay is good for mashing up breakdowns with vocals in.

Trouble is, it's easy to get carried away and over do it so some self restraint is needed.
should be getting a Korg MicroKontrol MIDI keyboard soon..
looks really nice, there is a pretty good pricehere..
anyone know anywhere that might be cheaper? is still quite alot..

will be using this with ArKaos but also with Logic, must get a keyboard before I forget my training..
The Kaos pad can also be used as a midi controller but I've not tried it yet. Then again I got a Phat boy for that and haven't used that much either. :unsure: