krembo the shop is backkkkkkk on line


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Hello to all our friends of krembo across the planet!

(I hope u all remember the legendary shop/label)

We are hoping you are enjoying yourselves and having a generally good time.

We are very proud to announce our website is back on the air after a long absence,

Krembo is now online and ready. At the site you will be able to find the biggest

selection of Israeli psy-trance available on the net at the lowest prices you'll find them

anywhere on the planet. The site stocks every available psy-trance cd from all of the

major Israeli labels and record companies. You will also be able to find Israeli

ambient, dub/reggae, hip hop, electronica, funk and many other underground Israeli

releases not available anywhere else.

We promise a prompt and speedy delivery. Most shipments will be sent out within 24

hours and we will do our best to obtain even hard to find and rare releases.

In The first couple of days we might encounter a few glitches but we hope everything

works smoothly right away.

So please feel free to check us out, try us and hopefully youll enjoy our excellent

selection of everything that’s Israeli psy trance and beyond.

The site is located at:

So come in and have a good time. All the time.


Krembo and usta