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It's been in the making for a year now and I've the pleasure of announcing it's arrival..

I'm not one for track by track analysis - the other peeps here do though, so check those out alongside my overview for a good insight into the nature of this li'l puppy..

Where to start? This sound a collaboration between two veterans whom have been apart of the psychedelic scene since I can remember...

Seb Kruger (SBK/Tarsis/Discoslickers/Bushbumpas) has pioneered a stern and inventive german prog sound that has held strong for the duration of it's life to date. Greg has also been instrumental in progressing psytrance into new genres since producing and DJ'ing in London parties he has promoted through Lunar promotions.. This collaboration has been a natural progression into the Label's conept in dance music.

Out now on ACDC, Anti has yet again asserted his label's presence on the global dance scene with such innovative and boundary crossing releases as his label so harbours..

With his 'psychedelic' festival roots, Anti and his artiste havern have collectively honed their sound from a wayward forest trance into a modern club prance - with a twist (and a remnant forest tale or two)..

This psychoactive house genre is beginning to find it's way into many of the biggest clubs around.. As apt as the terrace sound of Ibiza has nurtured a daytime scene - so too has this sound developed an indoor scene with similar crossover potential onto the outdoor rig. I personally find that outdoor daytime sound must have an air of dignity and prestige for it to be enjoyed by all. Thrashing about to underaccomplished techno will not hold in my idea of a inclusive dance scene. That tends to leave room for none but an exclusive scene that in my experience fails to open the doors for anyone who strolls by..

..this album also happens to be a very accomplished, steadfast and exemplary rendition of the genre. That is to say the variety and tone the album takes is both conceptual and imaginative for both D.J's and dancers alike.

As both, I find it most entertaining with more than enough quirks and jerks to warrant the purchase. And that's saying alot..

There are, on the one hand, the more psychedelically enclined tracks such as the imfamous 'Magnetic Force' remix from Saiko-Pod. This track has seen a deep overhaul that ventures into some pretty trippy territory with some moody melodic hooks that loom cleverly amid the humid walls of pervading groove and sonic sanction.

Then there's other tracks such as 'Prock Rock' which give a more fun-time dance floor ensemble. With it's smart acoustic sampling, the track exhudes funk and drives home a stomping-rhythmic-entourage that your mum will write home about... Simple but sharp, phat and fun.

There is plenty more variety to speak of, but overall you can be sure to get alot out of this album.. Very creative, varied and systematically sound.

I hope you get a good idea of where I'm headed with this, because it's worth a looksee if your into finding that little extra capacity for dancing your way out of your socks...


A strong, danceable and full album that's set to strengthen both the brand and the genre respectively.

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Ahhh!!So that's Kruger! SBK are brilliant! Tarsis also minus the vocals! :Grin:
Who's Coyle btw?

Coming from VooV where I've witnesed em live just before a storming dj set, only thing I can add up is a big & phat yayyyy!! :wizard1:
Greg Coyle aka Greg Lunar. He used to be A&R for Transient U.K. He released one killer track with Purple (Richard Kegg) that stormed the scene and crossed many other club boundaries. A release called 'Subtle Thrust' released on An Israeli label would you believe?! Xerox - Inside my brain compilation if I recall..

One killer release is all it takes...

Greg's been in the London scene for years... Sound guy. Obviously..

yeh and how many times have i said had to say to people ive just been introduced to
'no im not greg lunar, i dont know anyone from transient, i cant play for shit - but then again im much better looking than mr lunar' :cool:

the purple and lunar track was on a few comps i think, dragonfly one maybe?
s'good innit

kruger n coyle has been added to my shopping list :punk:
Gonna have to check this out as something a bit 'different'. Sounds like their Voov set has recruited a few new fans.
Krüger & Coyle – Randy Expander


Artist: Krüger & Coyle (Germany/UK)
Title: Randy Expander
Format: CD (jewel case)
Label: ACDC (Sweden)
Cat. #: ACDCD 002
Distribution: Cosmophilia
Date: 13 August 2004

Track listing:

01. 06’58†Butz & Slutz
02. 07’58†Fit Bint Valley
03. 08’45†The Witness (Randy Expansion Mix)
04. 08’38†Prock Rock
05. 08’00†Rubbalove
06. 07’04†Hatz Are Turning (Barely Legal Mix)
07. 06’55†Jungle Muff (Umpa Mix)
08. 07’15†Kiwi Rider
09. 09’02†Saiko Booty
10. 08’08†Beachspliff


House music with a twist…

Sebastian Krüger shouldn’t need much introduction… He’s the very productive German progressive trance producer behind critically acclaimed acts such as Tarsis, SBK and Disco Slickers. Greg Coyle is the man behind London Sewer Tour, and whilst he was A&R @ Transient, he conceived the Mashed Mellow Grooves series… So it’s a couple of heavy-weights releasing their much delayed debut album on Swedish proggy psy-house label ACDC… Let’s see what they’ve got in stock for us…

Let me take you thru the tracks…

#01: A phat, crispy house groove fills the sound spectre on this track… And after a couple of minutes you know just what to expect from this album… A rich, tribal-like bassline alongside an impressive percussion range – and it’s just sounds so damn hypnotizing… Remember that 2001 Bus-track by Guss Till called ‘Straylight Dub’? That track incorporated the sound of vocalist Cozzie having multiple orgasms – and on ‘Butz & Slutz’ K&C incorporates a similar effect… Some horny girl is having her way with either herself or some lucky bastard… Damn, this track rules! Sluts - shake those butts! =D

#02: “On a hot summer night...†K&C venture a bit deeper now, and this has a slightly more corrosive edge… It’s still as bouncy and groovy as ever though… Multi-layered percussion, subtle synths, dreamy lyrics and well-placed twisted bits and pieces… Well-polished and as tasty as ever… Autumn is already upon us, but with tunes like this, memories of the sun clad beaches will fade much slower… Nice track!

#03: Time to dig even deeper now… The original version of this track was released on ACDC in 2003 and remixed by Marc O’Tool… I’ve never heard it, but I can tell you that this ‘Randy Expander Mix’ is a HUUUGE track… You better have some decent sound equipment or proper headphones when playing this ‘cause it’s nothing less than massive… A hard-hitting bassline accompanied by one of the phattest grooves I’ve heard since FREq’s ‘Strange Attractors’ album… The native chanting and the strident melody just add to the overall feeling of joy when listening to this bombshell of a track! Amazing track!

#04: Space-funk!... This is a spacier, techier approach towards psyhouse… The crunchy house-bottom as the basis structure and floating atmospheric pads to set the right mood… More tribal percussion and enthusiastic voice samples repeating “…ecstatic…†And yeah, ecstatic is a good word to describe this tune… Rich, fun and euphoric… I like it, but there are parts that are just a little too Ministry-Of-Sound’esque for my taste… Decent track!

#05: Kick-ass! That horny girl from track #1 is back – and she’s brought a shitload of drums and percussion with her… And an archetypical house-bass… This track was already released on an Automatic Records 12â€, so perhaps you know it already… This is pretty straightforward progressive beach house trance… I like the naïve melody that carries this track, but other than that, this is too clubby for me… Decent track!

#06: K&C venture off the beaten club-pad into electro-clash territory, on this strange little tune… They are definitely narrowing their appeal now – which is a good thing I think – this track incorporates unimaginable samples… Like a well-known, catchy pop-guitar bridge (Pink Floyd?)… Interesting track!

#07: So, when was the last time you heard a Kim Wilde sample in a progressive trance track? “Friday night and everyone’s moving…†… Or how about some elephantastic, trance-inducing synth-lines? Or a children’s choir? Sounds bizarre, but it works! This was also released as a 12†by Automatic Records in 2003, so there’s a chance you’ve heard it… This is the ‘Umpa Mix’ though… Whatever the hell that’s supposed to mean… I don’t know, but I do know that this oddball track is very tasty! Fums up!

#08: Along with ‘Fit Bint Valley’, this track was released as the 12†forerunner of this album… And this is a great representation for the overall sound of the album… Funky, slamming, groovy, funky, shake-your-ass proggy trance – served on an Ibiza beach with a wedge of psy… Perfect for dancing, and perfect for home listening… Great stuff!

#09: “Go ahead George, light it up!†… This is the K&C remix of Saiko Pod’s classic ‘Magnetic Force’…Maaaagnetic Foooooooorce! (Damn, I wish they’d kept the voice sample…but sadly, they didn’t…) This re-worked version is less progressive than the original, but easily as funky… Beach-house grooves with an epic, uplifting nature… I like the original better though! Ok track!

#10: And here at the end off all things – it’s time for a spliff! This is a deeeeep, parts dubby, parts tribal little house number… Percussion based and with long drifting pads in the background… Good, but not great… Puff-puff-giiive!

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again… IMO 2004 has been the best year for progressive trance… Ever! I mean, with amazing albums from Son Kite, Kooler, FREq, Buzzmonx, Etic, Atmos and now Krüger & Coyle, there is now end to the joy I’ve felt with this proggy gems… And yes, this is another really, really nice progressive psy-house album…

Take the best from FREq – mait it with Son Kite – and have it fool around with Buzzmonx and Kooler… And you’re left with Randy Expander… Not quite psy – not quite house… A bastard child somewhere in between…

Despite a couple of not-so-great track, the good tracks on here really are the crème de la crème of psychoactive progressive trance… I don’t really like the cover-art – and vinyl-junkies would probably complain about half the tracks already being released… But for CD-only-people like me, this is a welcomed chance to own them all on one CD…

As with most of the above mentioned albums, purists should be alert – this will definitely not fly with the most hardened psy-heads or isra-addicts… But for fans of genre-bending, cross-over, high quality music, I will not hesitate to recommend this!

Favourites: 1(!!), 2, 3(!!), 7(!), 8,


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