last Pyrenean brown bear shot


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We expect villagers in India to put up with tigers yet we cannot manage to protect the few remaining large carnviores in Europe. Pfft. Pathetic.

On Nov. 1, the last autochtonous female bear "Cannelle" was killed by a hunter during a wildboar hunt, in the French Pyrénées. The hunted is believed to have shot in self defense, after the bear attacked him to protect her single cub of the year. The wildboar hunt took place despite wide awareness of the mother & cub presence. Fate of the cub remains unknown. The autochtonous Pyrenean lineage is now extinct, other female bears (4 individuals) are part of the reintroduced population from Slovenia, in the central part of the range.
No replies to this post because I don't think anyone knows how to react or what to say. My first reaction is I wish I had that hunter's throat in my hands. My second thought is I hope his name is spread around the world as the murderer of that animal. Last thought is that I don't even want to think about the society that has allowed this to happen.

When will they ever learn, when will they ever learn??

:sob: :sob:
and some claim we are evolved as a whole.......

A bear in Europe that wasn't being forced to dance while in chains with a ring thru it's nose and tied to a post, or being forced to exist in a Spain you'd expect them to have either started a sport in which it's pushed off a tower, or everyone goes to watch some asshole fight it in a ring, France would have it's legs off and eaten, the UK would've made up an elaborate excuse for having 85 people and their horses and dogs involved in the pursuit of one bear..........

not that I can think of any countries at all that treat animals right,

most people do seem to eat animals that have lived a life worse than or equal to being put in jail for doing nothing wrong, therefore most people are carrying that energy imprint around them all the time,

no wonder so many don't care about plants and rocks and water and air! they don't even want to care about animals........then there's the testing stuff - that's even worse than the eating them raised wrong.

if it's made out of pain and limitation, only pain and limitation will be achievable from it's consumption and surrounds.