Latest Track - Need Advice on Mixing plz


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Hi folks,

here's a snippet of my latest track. I had to try some new mixing techniques as the original didn't sound very well. what do you think of it.
is the kick stomping enough (no sample, created from scratch), bassline bouncing enough, does the lead need some fatness ? eq, compressing issues ?
any advice on mixing is highly appreciated as i've got some quite interesting material, but all my tracks need another, better mixdown, so, feel free to criticize :ibiggrin:

snippet (new mixing):

if someone's interested, the whole track with suboptimal mixing :iyes::



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for one thing the mix has a really small stereo field, maybe some chorus on the synths to put them wider in the mix, also would really help to separate the two synth lines. at the mo they compete too much with each other, remember not to have two synths that are in the same eq range cos they will always be fighting with each other.

the kick is quite 'old' sounding, not sure how to really to explain that, try cutting frequencies around 350 and boosting some higher frequencies, this gives better deffinition of the click, also try compression on the kick and mess around with the attack, when you get it right it should let the click though, cut the bit in the middle and then let the ooomph of the bass through, this coupled with 350 hz cut, usually works for me!

don't think many people do but i always route the bass and kick to a separate track and then compress them both together, sometimes works sometimes doesn't.

In regards to the original mix, the sounds are pretty good but you need to put an eq on everything, every little sound, and pull out the frequencies you want and cut the rest, all of my eq setting are really aggressieve, 12 db cuts there and 6db boosts there,

feel free to listen to my track, and rate that!

just my two cents