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hey all,
I'm new to all of this forum stuff, so i'm tentatively dipping my big toe in and seeing what its like- seems great so far. I was told about the forum while randomly meeting like minded people at the Glade festival. I've been meaning to get around to checking it out and eventually i've made it.

I've been into Psy trance ever since i went to a festival called Solstice in Japan up in the mountains surrounding Mt Fuji in 2002. I didn't know what to expect and was completely in the dark as far as trance music went, having not been into dance music much before. As we entered the festival the darkness lifted and was replaced by a psychedlic playground of lights, visuals and lasers filled with ground stomping party loving people feeling the unrelenting music. I had the most fantastically crazy magical time and never looked back. Many wicked Japanese parties later and i eventually got back to the UK earlier this year and am now loving finding parties here on my home turf. Hopefully, going to 'Digital Tribe' this Friday. Can't wait!

see ya all around.
BIG :welcome: to the forum.. Glade rocked...

Get to some parties and meet us all...
:shrooms: :shrooms:
:speaker: :clubjump: :speaker:
:party2: :party2: :party2: :party2: :smokingr:
Hello there!!!

I am new as well! Forum does see cool indeedieo!!!!! Looking forward to much fun on here and welcome to you as well as me...he he .

:welcome: to the party :clubjump:
cheers for the warm welcome. I think this forum is gonna get quite addictive..................wicked! :jump:


Count down to the weekend! !!!


Warming up already........................ :sun:
welcome to the forum mate, glad you could make it :clubjump:
aw... another Glade festival goer :Smile3: Magical description there of your first psytrance experience - i would love to visit Japan and see for myself.

helloooooo & :welcome: to the forum. enjoy :bananada: