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I was thinking about putting an mp3 mix of some of my favourite tracks up on-line, but was unsure if this is legal, illegal, or mainly winked at?

if any of you know, i would appreciate help, as i don't want the feds banging on my door!

cheers all
Not too sure about the putting stuff on the net side of things - but DJ mixes on CD have traditionally been done "for promo use only" and as long as you're not knocking off thousands and selling them in HMV - a blind eye is generally turned.

As for putting mixes on line - not sure of the legality - but lts of people do it...
I think it's okay! I've bought many CDs after listening to DJ Lurks' Mixes, for example! :Wink3:
I post mixes online.

Legally you can get done, people have been for posting mixes with more commercial music content (where the labels can afford the lawyers most probably).

Like Garfield says though it's a good way of finding out about new music which is probably less damaging than p2p - IMO you are more likely to buy a tune that you hear in a mix that you downloaded than one that you have downloaded the complete standalone track.

Be interesting to hear what the artists/labels on this board have to say on the matter.

p.s. I buy all the tunes I use in mixes.

p.p.s. I know there are a bunch of people who are now buying Psy CD's thanks to hearing my mixes online.
There is a world of difference between hearing one of your tunes used as part of a mix, which has been done purely for the art of it and published in a non-commercial way, and some gang of teenage Euro trash ripping your album - complete with artwork - at 320k and "releasing" it in order to gain kudos points on some warez scene.

I'm always well chuffed to hear one of my tunes in the middle of a DJ mix CD/mp3 and I would be really surprised if any artist objected - although a nice touch would be to include a track/artist listing.

It is nice to be acknowledged.

so yes, its illegal, but no-one gives two hoots, as long as its done in the traditional sense of a mix.

would it be better to licence the tracks, or would that just be over-kill???

oh, and by the way Ott, does that mean i can use 'Ott Meets Billy The Kid' of bflcd55 'Elucidations'? :P
</div><table border='0' align='center' width='95%' cellpadding='3' cellspacing='1'><tr><td>QUOTE (Speakafreaka @ Mar 2 2004, 09:36 PM)</td></tr><tr><td id='QUOTE'> would it be better to licence the tracks, or would that just be over-kill???
If you were planning to sell your mixes, you'd stand a good chance of getting nabbed by somebody. A DJ mix is just a compilation under a different name, and a mix can consist of 20 artists with their associated labels. Plenty of scope there for getting sued by somebody, and despite their hippy-dippy names, most labels are pretty hot on copyright infringement.

If its just a mix which you give to your mates, I'd be surprised if anyone gave a toss, but don't quote me on it. I'm just "Johnny Plugins" - I don't get involved in any of that legal shenanigans.


oh, and by the way Ott, does that mean i can use 'Ott Meets Billy The Kid' of bflcd55 'Elucidations'? :P

I won't tell if you don't.

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Ha ha, lol lol.

Is there scope for a plug in of the week feature on the forum with hints and tips then mr ott^????? eh? eh????
Plugin of the Week.

Whichever is the latest.

Hints and Tips.

Fuck with it until it goes all funny.

Don't miss next week's installment kids.
Yeah, i can understand the label situation, if i was releasing tracks and saw them getting on p2p, or someone blatantly making a quick buck, i would be pretty cheesed off.

Ah well, i guess i'll keep 'em for my local friends then.

Hints and Tips.

Fuck with it until it goes all funny.

To true, to true. But thats always the best advice. :Smile3:
I have been thinking about this as well, I am developing a website for my mate's live act, and I've made a space for a DJ page. I have also been offered some webspace to host mp3 mixes on, etc.

I was going to put: "For Promo Use Only" and "Please Support The Artists By Buying There Tracks" on the bottom of the download page. I was also going to include a Tracklisting for each mix.

But I still haven't gone for it yet, Lots of people have put mixes up on Psforum, and Lurks Mixes have encouraged me to buy some tunes...

I suppose it comes down to popularity, at the end of the day, our website is hardly going to get shedloads of hits, so hopefully no one will mind\find out??

And we aren't going to be selling these mixes, or gaining from them in anyway...

If you do it I will too!
The way i see it, i'm doing the labels a favour if i do!

they get free pr, the track will not be usable in other dj sets, and the listener will probably be encouraged to buy the release that the track was off.

If you do it I will too!

Maybe. WHEN I have received my broadband package, I will consider doin' it, but i am gonna contact some labels first, and see if I can get some 'official' feedback on specific tracks i had in mind.
My friend was visiting the other day from Japan where he own and runs, a record label, party promoters, tv show and other things. I had streaming in the background and a Synthetic track came on from the 100% Pure album (the one with the Ali G sample "check this..aaaaaaiiiight) which is on his label. He hadn't even heard of philosomatika before, I said shouldn't they be paying you for that and he said yes but when I showed him the playlist window and the faq, he was cool with it. The ruskies on the other hand who just copy the whole album and sell it are a real pain in the ass.

I think most artists probably have some kind of cracked apps in their arsenal so it is quite easy to become hipocritical perhaps. And if I don't now I did. Oi ve.

Red Five what are mcps?
</div><table border='0' align='center' width='95%' cellpadding='3' cellspacing='1'><tr><td>QUOTE (Speakafreaka @ Mar 3 2004, 07:00 PM)</td></tr><tr><td id='QUOTE'> i am gonna contact some labels first, and see if I can get some 'official' feedback on specific tracks i had in mind. [/quote:bac06c38a2]
If you get any feedback can you post it up on this thread, so we are all a little wiser! Thanx :Wink3:

empty1 you lucky bugger, your mate owns solstice, do you go to his parties in japan then? they look amazing!
I was at one of his parties in Japan near Mt Fuji three years ago, it was where Shpongle played live with the live orchestration, there was Kox Box too but I don't remember the rest. This was before I really knew him although I had met him once. A friend I was staying with in Tokyo lived in the same building as him and another friend of mine who has done business with him, having a consession booth at events, was coming to visit me and bumped into him in the elevator, he introduced us and there you have it. The party was great especially seeing as my other friend had a consession stall there and it was a great way to meet and hang with people.

They look a pretty professional company and they now have a hour long psy TV show which airs nine times a month. He was just here visiting and said he will send me dvds of the interviews with Hallucinogen in UK and GMS in Ibiza. The parties they organized for the TIP and Spun tours looked really well done.

If you are ever in Japan check out the Vision Quest parties, the one I went to was in Nagano and eventhough the on the last two days the rain was sound activated it was one hell of an event. That was three years ago and there were 3k people, now the parties are pulling 15k.

Can't wait to go back! :party2:

ps Japan isn't as expensive as UK