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redtwo Aug 9, 2017

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    Electric Power Pole Records are pleased to announce that our latest release ‘Leopardtron – Hybrid Agenda’ is now out and available in digital format as of the 2 August, 2017.


    Leopardton – Hybrid Agenda
    epp records
    Format: Digital
    Catalogue Number: eppd025

    Track List….

    1. Leopardtron – Criminally Insane
    2. Leopardtron – Fractal Fireworks
    3. Leopardtron – Irasshaimase
    4. Leopardtron v Khaoscope – U Facken Drugga
    5. Leopardton v Kurkipotku – Suck My Fanny

    Filled with funked up and grooving psychedelic dynamic, Madrid’s Leopardtron are back with a 5 track EP smashing the dance floor in a total energy onslaught. ‘Hybrid Agenda’ does not hold back with a Leopardton hybridization program including combinations with Khaoscope and Kurkipotku resulting in a pulsating bpm range of psychedelic night madness. ‘Hybrid Agenda’ is destined for high rotation as Leopardton show again and again a style to get you up on your feet and dance. Enjoy and fly away…

    We hope you enjoy this special release by Leopardtron, digitally available as of the 2 August, 2017…

    Leopardtron - Hybrid Agenda at beatport
    Leopardton - Hybrid Agenda at Juno

    Leopardtron - Hybrid Agenda on bandcamp
    epp on facebook
    epp on soundcloud
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