Lepton : Psylobotomy part II (psytrance mix)


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***Psylobotomy part II ***

-keep in mind that this is part II from a 4 hours mix
-14 november 2004
-73 min


1-mandalavandalz : do u read me (chapora nightlife)
2-texas faggott : lazerlove (pilluminati cunt roll)
3-the misted muppets : might and magic (from the legend)
4-psychotic micro : via del dolor (psycho cell)
5-derango : boomorgon
6-psyside : pandora's box (there is no tomorrow)
7-seroxat : witching hour (life)
8-shrink : planet -x (ketuh)
9-vectorselector : bbbam
10-derango : rasakula
11-hux flux : bring your own bios (folded view)
12-seroxat : the end of the world (psycho cell)
13-parasense : arizona dream (parasense)
14-eraser vs yöjalka : mutual ritual (round one)
15-psyside : cybernetic hunter (night 24 hours)

Enjoy !!

http://www.psychedelic.be/download/mix/mixen van belgische djs/Lepton-Psylobotomy-partII.mp3


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LIstening now...sounds like its shaping up to be a bloody huge rinsing mad bastard of a mix.



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you sent me the full 4 hour mix. and yes. it is insane. where is "psykovsky - last bus madrus"!?