Let's hear it for Underworld


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been listening to Dark & Long tons lately... and think it could be the finest piece of dance music ever (well, this week anyway)
as well as digging on the Everything Everything live CD... (has anyone got the DVD?)

ave it!!!

oli oi oi

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Matey all fuckin respek for the underworld. mazing mazing mazing... and yeah dark and long prob fav, jumbo rocks as well but really love that live version rez/cowgirl.... ahhhhh *shivers*


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yeah i got the dvd its cool, Underworld are epic init, love most of their output, inc. dark and long, beaucoup fish...

I got the original rez/cowgirl 12" as above, and I wouldn't swop it for a house in the med, (well maybe)...

Do u want the dvd damion?!??!


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Those days/tunes were the absolute heyday of Underworld as far as I'm concerned and it still holds up now. :Smile3:


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damion said:
been listening to Dark & Long tons lately... and think it could be the finest piece of dance music ever

someone said exactly that on doa just the other week

was it you?

anyway... yeah ... underworld ... LOVE EM :wo^thy:nuf said


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Sparklema said:
On the subject of Underworld......are they still alive?

Underworld, are still going, But Darren Emerson has left to concentrate on Djing all over the world....
Karl Hyde and Rick Smith, are still doing studio and live, but don't know what their output will be like minus emerson, who did give their stuff a solid structure from a dj point of view....

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The last album 100 days off(?) was done without Emerson and was OK, wouldn't call it classic underworld 'cos I can't remember any of the tracks off it right now but it's probably better than beucoup fish or whatever that was called.


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i'm not mad about the new stuff... but underworld remain a definitive group.

the DVD is fucking excellent - perfect for those post-post-party moments when speech eludes everyone & the walls start whispering. plus there's lotsa cool visual tomato art jam stuff going on.

excellent live as well :Smile3: but i wish they could have done a bit more... i dunno, improvisational or spontaneous performance. every tune was great - but great as in 'ooh, that's bang on the recorded version', rather than anything new (surely the point of a live performance!)

oli oi oi

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Yeah emerson started doing the label underwater. and the night underwater at the end (sik night by the way, recommend it) they do sorta proggy, funky techy house. really good i love underwater but, yes again it's not underworld is it. the 100 days off album was good. 2 months off (track) is fukin amazing but the rest of the album is so so (in my opinion) But then again looking at the past albums, it's the same, they did some outstanding tracks, but can't really find a whole album that's really outstanding all the way thru. But NO underworld are gods, but yeah better when emerson was there

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Anyone know who did the psy-trance remix of Born Slippy?????


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wrecked machines - trancespotting on his album

and there's a remix of wrecked machines one with pixel and goblin and god knows


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Big respect.............i absolutely love underworlds early stuff.................Emmerson is the bomb as far as i'm concerned..............

I wonder if anyone can help....................I'm after a instrumental of born slippy on 12".

Bin lookin for one of them since.....................96.......never found one:Wink3:

Oooooooh.....................I culd crush a greyp:Grin:


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yes it is indeed a load of wank ---- this i thought was implied by my use of the words "wrecked" and "machines"