Line input on boom box


Going on from what reconstructed said about ott's set up,

I found this little gem, Sony CFD-G500 CD Radio Cassette Recorder Boombox for about £99 which has a small jack input! Perfect for checking mixes!

But has anybody found or know of any other ghetto blasters with a line input?

Does anybody know a way of rewiring the insides of a more cheap ghetto blaster to eg tthe same afect?


sqoo said:
Obvious cheep but annoying workaround - burn to CD!

Wouldn't work for me - I don't just check the mix out on my blaster - I actually mix on it. That means I'd have to burn a new CD every time I tweaked an EQ nob or whatever.

I've been dreading the day my old Sony Blaster finally blows up [I've been using it every day since 1996] cos finding one with a line input is getting harder and harder.

Thanks for the heads up on the CFD-G500 CD Radio Cassette Recorder - might get one as a spare....

Warwick Bassmonkey

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I must say, I like the look of that CFD-G500... reminds me of the arse end of an F-14 Tomcat



yeah, going by sonys 'extra' bits on the boombox, it would probably sound better than what i want it for.

But yeah getting a shitty boombox and and cassete line input thingy, stupid really cos i had never thought about it and i have one for the car!

So true about the arse end f-14!!!


Throb Farmer


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Continuum said:
Warwick Bassmonkey said:
Another cheap, slightly nasty but much less annoying workaround....[/QUOTE]

No no no no. :no: :no: :no: :no:

I bought one of these (exactly this one) so I could use my MP3 thing in the car. It sounded like wet cardboard and basically didn't really work properly. Tried it in another car cassette player just to be sure and it sounded crap there too.

Weird - 'cos my one's fine!

(Admittedly I've only got a bog-standard Merc*/Panasonic radio and Pioneer speakers in mine, so it's never going to sound stunning, but it sounds fine to me.)


* - No, I don't, and would never drive a Merc, but I suspect the previous owners' hubby did. :Grin:


Yeah the car is a much nicer place with an mp3 player in it,

and now i have another of the cassete line jobbies and a ghetto blaster in me room, not sure whether it wil laffect my mixes but it has made me realise i like the bass on my speakers!


he he,

yeah exactly now that my hears are attuned to in phase music!!

Very odd though that if you listen to out of phase music enough it becomes very normal!