Liquid Dymons


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Liquid Dymons???

I have an artist I work with named Dymons... dubby and delicious ! Played Synergy in October with PGC, and November as Dymons (closed the night) but nothing to do with Liquid ....

this the guy?

If so well have new samples online very soon, just got them from him... and were working on an album, just need a label :p

You can catch some of his releases on Peak Records Chillsome, and Utopeak.



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Ah ! Thanks. Sorry for vagueness. Yes,... the one, the same, Daniel Symons. :Smile3:
Ah thought he was Liquid connected. Peak is it? OK

Thanks for info. :Smile3: Need a label? erm Liquid? :P


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Hehe.... Ive submitted some tracks of his for consideration for next comp ;-)

He is part of Peaking Goddess Collective, but not a Peak Records artist if that makes sense .. hehe

Brilliant musician tho and brilliant friend!

Thanks for the kind words, hell be happy to hear them !


Updated with new samples