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VA - Soul Vibration#001


Release date 21st November, 2005

‘Soul Vibration#001’, the first down-tempo release from Liquid Records, is a result of much time spent selectively searching amongst the movers and shakers in London’s electronic and alternative music scene today… After many years of putting on festivals and exclusive music and arts-based events, the label founder James Anthony (aka Liquid Djems) - an established DJ in London and internationally, has put together his years of experience, talent and considerable contact list of producers and artists to create this exciting new venture.

Soul Vibrations is a collection of rarely heard musical gems, the ones that cross the boundaries of distinct categorisation with a fusion of styles that makes each one greater than the sum of its parts. The tracks deliver a classy blend of real instrumentation, electronic manipulation and a full showcase of the bass line in all its glory! The overall selection has a psychedelic and dubby vibe with added ethnic, trance and drum n bass flavours … more ‘havin’ it gently’ than ‘chill out’.

The artists who have contributed to this compilation are a collection of seasoned producers and newer talent… all of whom have stepped up and delivered something exclusive for this project…. With tracks from classy producer and dub selecta extraordinaire Nick Manasseh, The Orb and Alien Soap Opera’s Greg Hunter, Interchill’s best selling artist Gaudi, dub-wise producer and soundsystem veteran Redseal, groovy dub-meister Ott and the don of monster soundscapes Graham Wood amongst others… This is a compilation not to be left on the shelf!


Umberloid - Exit Chapel Perilous
Reality Staircase - Sodium Stones
Slackbaba - Dubterrania
Red Seal - Battle for Liquid Space
Manasseh - Ribbit Teacha
Gaudi + Twipswitch - On The Edge
Nagual Sound Experiment - Chimera
Organismic - Joos Harp
Graham Wood - Mori Morma
Jagatah - Neuro Feedback


"There's a wide eclectic mix of sounds and styles on the album, perhaps far more so than it overseas counterparts, with breaks influences as obvious as the more traditional dub, psychdelic and ethnic sounds........there's more than enough tripped out psychedelia to keep you happy" .....Upfront Sept 2005 read more

" this subgenre a release has to stand out or it drowns. Some will just be head and shoulders above the rest; some will have a unique approach; and some will just have this wonderful energy to it, a certain magic that makes it a strong release: Soul Vibration is one of these. " read more

"Soul Vibration has more of a festival feel, music to move to.....deft programming and well placed world sounds interconnect in a cohesive whole that keeps the pace at the top end of the chill times presenting an almost tribal ardour, an eclectic gravity all bound up in a celebration of danceable rhythm" .....Morpheus Music read more


umberloid : exit chapel perilous
written and produced by ott and chris barker
A great opening track from the writing duo of ‘dub-meister’ Ott and accomplished bassist Chris Barker (aka Warwick Bassmonkey – who also played bass on "Solstice" on "Hallucinogen in Dub" by Ott). Muffled voices and airy vocal synths open up into an electro-dub style groove with a deep rounded bass underpinning reggae drums and keyboard skanks. A dubby bounce and groove is filled out with electronic embelishment creating that unmistakable Ott flavour! A simple and tasty track with a spacious breakdown with a hint of darkness.

reality staircase : sodium stones
written and produced by simon oram
Sodium stones tunes in with manipulated synths swirling in and out of the mix like meteor showers over a pulsing deep bass line and ambling drums. Echoes of soft chiming synths create focus in this gently grooving cosmic deep-space adventure.

slackbaba : dubterrania
written and produced by jonothan smith
Psychedelic vocals create a fractal-like opening to this track which swirls you around before pouring you into a dubby bass line and an electro-reggae groove; woven around shpongle-esque electronic fills, filtered voices chant out a verse interspersed with thought provoking vocal samples … this is classic psychedelic electro-dub from an established and respected innovator in the UK underground scene.

redseal: battle for liquid space
written and produced by charles mcgougan
vocals by tony joseph and cheshire cat
This is an exclusive edit of the track “In a di Battle†from the most recent Redseal album ‘Black Ops’ (Flow Records 2004). Battle for Liquid space is an elegant yet powerful track with a big sound; the soulful sound of Tony Joseph alongside powerful vocals from ex-leftfield MC Cheshire Cat are underpinned by dubby bass and deep-static electronic manipulations and balanced by rich horns layered with airy synths. A deep and tasty track.

manasseh : ribbit teacha
written and produced by nick manasseh and sadhu seva
guitar and vibes by sadhu seva
Nick is a veteran of the UK dub scene and has been selecting, producing and composing authentic, top quality, fat dubby sounds since the 80’s. His latest delivery ‘Ribbit Teacha’ is an innovation in a groovy steppa-lounge style . A substantial bass line is seasoned with smooth lyrical guitar riffs, squelchy synths and clean rhodes piano; while the rootsy vocals of Sadhu Seva, minimal reggae percussion and a driving steppa rhythm give the track that trademark Manasseh flavour.

gaudi and tripswitch : on the edge
written and produced by gaudi and nick brennan
This is the second track to come out of the collaboration between Gaudi and Tripswitch and it’s no less bassy than the last! An opening triplet synth sequence quickly countered by a driving rhythmic bass-line gives this track an edgy yet rolling motion. Electro-break beat flavours mixed with dub vibes create the body of this track; soaring distorting synths give a psychedelic edge and evolve through the track spiced with filtered electro ‘squelches’. There’s a twist in the tail however as synths take on another colour and a distinctly retro ‘club anthem’ vibe to finish the track…

nagual sound experiment : chimera
written and produced by cameron leonard-schroff
Chimera is a skillfully produced track and an enticing taster of what’s to come from newly signed Liquid Records artist Cameron Leonard-Schroff - aka Nagual Sound Experiment (NSE). NSE started out as a dub sound system which is evident in the bass driven psychedelic dub flavour of the music, however it has evolved to include a fusion of ambient breaks with triphop influenced grooves and ethnic music in a mix of real and electronic instrumentation. The track opens into an electro space-scape with synthetic distortions, like passing satellites and space-life, intertwining with vocal samples and fragmented choral sounding pads. Velvety synths that carry a theme glance in and out of the mix while a deep rounded bass line and solid drums drive the track to a spicy 7/8 rhythm.

organismic : jews harp
written and produced by craig musham and simon lord
jews harp by mike lawson
The rhythmic twang of a jews harp opens this track into a deep drum n bass flavoured breakbeat vibe with the emphasis on the bass! A cheeky squelchy synth sequence echoes the twang of the harp as they exchange the lead with each other. From a minimal start with plenty of punch, themes develop and blend with interspersed passages of intricate sound manipulation and rhythm building…. Sharp production and plenty of groove.

graham wood : mori morma
written and produced by graham wood
vocals by irena mikhalova
A deep drone, androgenous chants and echoes of percussion open this track with a dark ritualistic feeling. The kick is slow and steady when it comes, with Sarangi and darbouka taking the listener east as the vocals take on an angst-ridden plaintive cry over the chorus chant. The body of the track is substantial and slow grooving with a deep, dark, electronic percussive vibe.

jagatah : radiance
written and produced by greg hunter
An opening of gentle Middle Eastern strings gives way to deep sub-bass, crunchy electric guitar and rapid fire Middle Eastern percussion giving this track an originality and intensity that hits you from the start. Familiar elements are skilfully arranged and electronically interwoven to create a whole that is fresh and altogether greater than the sum of its parts. It’s originality and impact is not surprising however coming from Greg Hunter, pioneer and constant musical innovator. From The Orb to Alien Soap Opera and everything in between, Greg’s diverse talents and eclectic tastes have produced some of the finest ambient music to have emerged in the last decade.

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Free spirit, lost soul.
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Kolob, in the twinkling of an eye.
Yep, still featuring quite a lot in my regular listening this one. Lovely jubbly. What I like best is how it has unfolded and some of the more immediately friendly tracks have given way a little to a couple that didn't strike so much at first. Definitely a deeper listening experience now that it was when I first received it. This is particularly true of the Greg Hunter track, which is surprisingly trippy after a doob. My favourite is still On The Edge though. The entrance of that twinkly gated synth that precedes the change of tempo is still the glittering peak of the album for me. Gives me goodbumps does that! Really looking forward to #2.



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Sauntering about...
thoroughly approved


*always wanted to use that smiley on a chill release*

more please! :Smile3: