Liquid Space - Center of Soul

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Alright then - i got asked to do this review so thought i'd stick it up here too.......any one else got it?

Liquid Space - Center of Soul
Bionic Pie Sounds

Bought this a couple of weeks ago.....and it's a belter!!!

1. Another Life - This is a really funky and groovy track, perfect for the morning time. Interlaced with catchy melodies, trippy samples and mind twisting psychedelic keeps going to the end. When it breaks, it hits back in again with a pulsing synth melody to carry it through. :Grin:

2. Real Eden - Opens up bouncy and with a spacey atmospheric feel with continues right through the track. Some excellent twinkling melodies.....another track for the sunrise. :Smile3:

3. Learn from Leary - More of a minimal track than the previous two. Trippy noises combined with a melody which reminds me a little bit of the Etnica track 'Trip Tonite'.

4. Summer Session - I love this track. It's got a wicked groove to it layered with some fantastic psychedelic sounds. It's also got a touch of humour to it with cartoon noises combining with the driving melody that keeps up right through the track. Sure to make the dancefloor go crazyy :Smile3: :Grin:

5. Schwarzlichtgewitter - A slower, Darker track is up next showing the versatility of these chaps. Definitley one for the night time trancers. Dark and hard.

6. In Wonderland - This one opens up with some great samples. Another one of my favourites. It's a laid back track that builds and builds with searing synths and even a has touch of funky slap bass thrown in. When the break comes at around 6min30, it launches back in with such a lush groove and infectious hook.:Grin:

7. Lunatic Asylum - Does what it says. "This is a place full of crazy people" the sample says and this track really will send your head into a spin. With a fast, rolling bassline, this is the fastest track on the album at 148bpm, it's layered with psychedelic sounds that make you feel like you're on a rollercoaster ride. This is great psytrance, i love this track.:Grin: :Grin:

8. Scary Inclusive - This track has a really pulsing bassline, and is good strong psychedelic combined with what seems to be their trademark by now - a really strong melody. A little let down when there is a key change in the bassline @ around 4 mins...just not really what i like - but again it just shows good diversity in their tunes.

9. Rendered Dreams - These guys really do know how to use samples well. Has more excellent melodies that go up and down and all the way round. Bit of a stomper this one

All in all, i think that this is a really good artist album showing diversity and a knowledge/talent for creating some of the catchiest melodies out there.....really good proper psytrance. :Wink3:


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I liked their track on Kick Off 2am on Spontaneous Aerobics, really deep and tribal with an infectious little melody hook....complete with Darth Vader and Yoda samples and everyfink :Smile3:
Lookin forward to hearing this one if ya review is anything to go by Will.

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Will Dogon said:
ooops......wrong section, thanx to whoever moved it :Smile3:

No probs :Wink3:


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Sauntering about...
Seems class indeed!

More to follow...


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Thanks for the Review "WILL". And the other People, Thanks for you Words.

Greetz from F...... Germany