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Protomoto Aug 24, 2004

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    I posted this elsewhere, but there are so many ppl who might find this info useful...

    There's a bus service (Rede Expressos, the Portuguese equivalent to the UK's National Express) that goes from Lisbon to Castelo Branco. If you're flying then you'll have to get from the airport to the bus station, which should be easy enough. There are many buses each day from Lisbon to CB, and two per day from CB to Idanha a Nova. You'll have to change at CB in any case. The cost is a mere 10 Euros or so - much cheaper than the chartered GoodTrips service - but it won't take you right to the site. I imagine there are taxis, feet, or whatever.

    Bus Info Link (it's all Portuguese, but don't worry)

    Click on "Horarios" This takes you to the timetable selector. You'll have to use the scrollers (the URL's don't link directly to the timetable info, which would make this much easier!). Just scroll to "Lisboa" in the Partidas section, then wait for the page to reload (it goes blank for a few moments), and "Castelo Branco" or "Idanha a Nova" in the Destinos section (duh!). Then click on "Horarios", and you'll have all the info in front of you.

    A little Portuguese:

    Horarios: Timetable
    Partida: Departs (this refers to both place and time)
    Chegada: Arrives
    Preço: Price
    Mudança de Autocarro: Change buses at...

    2as: Monday
    3as: Tuesday (and so on, counting up weekdays - weird!)
    Sabados: Saturday
    Domingo: Sunday

    Hope this helps - Happy Booming! :Smile3: :smokingr:
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