live sound engineer ??

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looking for a live sound engineer, someone with experience as long as there arm and the arms of a 27 piece band ...
basically for a couple of events, a live stage at a very special festival happening in july this summer, and also a date later in the year in london ...
please get in contact if it's you, or you know someone who's so hot they might catch fire ...


Erm... I'd send you a PM but the button for that has vanished

I know an engineer in london. Let me know if you're interested
I know quite a few engineers that work in the live rock industry.....
i have contact info for a guy who engineers for/with page and Plant at the kings head in Fulham, also another bloke who has his own recording studio.
Also know a bloke who runs a production company that did a few gigs at brixton academy and shephards bush empire, so he should know a few engineers.

I did my apprenticeship in sound engineering, but Im nowhere near as good as i need to be....
Im good at stage tech though, if u need any1 for that.