Logic 7

what emaigic/apple have done here is rip off other audio companys! There is a new guitar amp, basically the idea for this has come from NI Guitar Rig (outstanding piece of kit!) The smaller company get smaller and the big get bigger! Im a logic user and im sure to get the upgrade soon but is there any reason to buy any other software now?

All is bundled within logic audio!

and is making music becoming too easy? I liked it when i had to go and find out what compressor was the best in the shops (for my needs and budget), and now im happy to use the built in logic one! WHY? am i lazy? ..... surley not!

i like the logic compressor! Its fucking good!

seems like a bit sudden this release! im just gettin used to 6!
I'm still in 4.7 - Automation nightmare.

I record it all live onto a CD through analogue EQ's on my Pioneer mixer - Then import it back in to logic as audio and samples in the EXS24. At least I get my OWN sound and the alanogue EQ's are enormous on the pioneer! So are the effects too - better IMO than ANY plug-in EQuivalent.

I'm sooo accustomed to all my numerous plug-ins how am I supposed to just say goodbye to them?!

I guess I only REALLY use Absynth 2 and all my killer sample CD's. And the effects will be available in Logic 7. What being native too, prolly worth the outlay.

There are a few other synths but nothing Absynth can't match for my needs..

Wonder if I can reload another version of absynth from my purchased CD. I've already got 2 (OS 9 & X)

Frikkin hope so.

Hmmm what to do eh?
BTW I've just noticed that (unlike Logic 6), Apple are now doing large discounts (pre-order, anyway - ships late October) and free shipping on both Logic Express 7 and Logic Pro 7, if you're a student or work for an educational establishment (which I do...):

Logic Express 7: £278.48
Logic Pro 7: £98.70

If you qualify, go to:

I have a new Powerbook, and was thinking of going the Ableton Live 4 (and possibly Reason) route to music production, but at this price, maybe I would be better going for Logic (Express or Pro?) - what do people think?