Logic Audio and M-Audio Ozone

J.e.PrAT Jan 13, 2005

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    What's up everyone...I guess I do need a couple of tips for production after all...you can only learn so much by yourself before you hit a wall and start getting frustated...hehe

    Well, I just bought M-Audio's Ozone and set it up with Logic...when using diferent Logic VSTs (ES1, ES e, ES p, etc...), some knobs on the Ozone move certain VST functions...but how do I program an Ozone knob (1-8) to a VST function like Cutoff, Resonance, Attack, Sustain, etc?

    Do I have to program these each time I use a diferent VST or is there a way to save the knob setting for each VST?
    Any tips would be greatly appreciated...
    Stay creative!
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