Logic folders



.....Ping!!! and a lightbulb appears overhead.

i dunno why but the subject of logic folders has just crashed my thaughts (prob cos im at work and bored as fuck) anywhoo, i discovered them about a year ago and had every intention of finding out how they work & putting them to good use but through pure stoner lazy mindedness i forgot all about them........until now

so, starting from scratch (again, but determined to see it through this time!) and to my understanding one of the features of logic folders allows me to take say, a midi part(s) maybe a riff or summink and pack this into a folder, i can then (i hope) assign this part in the folder to midi keys and play it like an arppegiator(am i right? i dunno!) or if your faimiliar with certain Roland products a bit like their RPS - kinda custom arps stylee.

Does anyone have the knowledge of logic folders?

yipeeeee.....i just realised im outta the office in 10mins, so i get to go home and fanny around with logic until i got it sussed. I will upate with my findings... if i have any that is

peace imak x
I think it is more like a tool for keeping the arrange page tidy, one can take multiple regions and tracks and stuff them into a folder which shows up as its own region and track which can then be looped or copy/pasted etc. eg. every part of a ten piece drum kit can be handled as a single region.

I think there is a way to do what you were thinking tho but it has to do with tweaking the enviroment.
yeah your prob right empty, i think i have my mental notes all mixed up :? - it was sometime ago i was told about the feature. Damn i wish i could remember
Nice 1 - many thanks, i'll download that when i get home.

:peace: imak x