Logic pro 7.1.0


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I updated to logic 7 from 6 when it was new. A friend of mine bought a copy recently and he recieved logic 7.1.0. I still have 7.0.1 and cant seem to find the updates to 7.1.0 anywhere. I have seen the benefits of having the newer version and i want it!!

Has anybody got any ideas where i can find the updates and would i have to pay?


i can't believe apple is charging for this.


Logic Pro 7 to Logic Pro 7.1 Upgrade Kit

Upgrade your Logic Pro 7.0 to version 7.1 and take advantage of full native plug-in delay compensation, expanded Apple Loops integration, new Bass Amp and hybrid synthesizer plug-ins, easy re-ordering of plug-ins, and more. Note: Logic Pro 7.1 is available to all Logic Pro users possessing an XSkey authorized for Logic Pro 7.0.
Price: $19.95

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1-2 business days
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A lot of people think its a bit cheap of Apple to be charging for this, and they're right... it's only a minor update... Even so, it still has a few nice things, among which are the BassAmp plug, and full plugin-delay compensation, which I really needed. 20 bucks well spent imo...


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In 7.1 its on everything... I believe in 7.0 it was only on regular tracks...