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I have recently put Logic 5.5 on my PC running XP pro and have found that there seems to be a lag between what happening on the screen and what’s coming out of the speakers. Any out board midi controlled device i.e. Keyboard ect triggers just right over a note event in the matrix edit but every thing internal Vst's Logic,s and third party alike is just behind the triggers.
This is also an issue when writing track automation; it takes effect in the wrong places. About a beat out. Now I know that I can just push the automation along a little and jig things about to get around this but if I want to use out board stuff as well then I seem to be up shit creek. Why is it happening? It seems to be a latency issue but the wrong way round if you know what I mean.
ive had a similar thing with the automation once or twice, but a logic restart had it sorted.

i put it down to the asio not initialising properly during logic startup (just a guess) but like i say rebooting the app kicked it back into gear.
JPsychodelicacy said:
What audio drivers are you using, and what version were you using before?

I have the PC AV to EASI Direct Sound and before I had Logic 5.1

It seem to be that rebooting the App dosn't make any dif its always this way. I'm looking at getting a new sound card soon so this may sort it out . Who knows.
I think I may have cracked it.
In audio drivers I set the wav player and audio out to primary rather than my sound card and the sound is now synced but I'm not sure why. I have my on board sound disabled in BIOS so the sound must be going throgh the sound card..... Still all seem ok at the moment anyway.
I found the PC EASI drivers to be completely unworkable in my version of 5.5

I switched to ASIO and all was well. Whilst they recommend the EASI driver as the best option in the readme I don't know anyone currently who uses it.

Do you actually need the Wave player ticked? Whilst mine's set to my soundcard it's unticked (just ASIO) and it all runs fine and fast.

If your hardware supports ASIO I'd give it a try.
I got fed up with it and reformated my C drive, It works fine now but I managed to wipe my new tune. No real biggy as It was only about 40 seconds in.
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