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i know the last thing the world needs is another incompetant audio producer...BUT...(well that's it, I have no defense)

SO, can anyone recommend any good tutorials / books / people to annoy etc (preferably free / internet links) about learning logic (and sound engineering in general)? i've been fuddling around with it for a while but there's only so much you can learn by trial and error nob twidling.

i can just about put a bass and some percussion together but I need to know a bit more what I'm doing i reckon. probably. though random fidlding does have it's advantages.

thanks :jump:
Find somebody who has paid for logic as it comes with both a Mac and a PC
manual, my friend brought it for the PC and gave me his Mac manual, it's useful but a tutorial of the basics from a friend cuts alot of corners.

It's a steep learning curve.

The best of luck.

nice one, thanks peeps. some good stuff there.

yea, a mate showed me the very basics but i'm sure he's getting annoyed with being woken up at 4am to ask how to load a new kick drum!!

i can now make a noise that goes kind of rawrgh-rawrgh (it's quite fat actualy) and a doof-doof-doof-doof...greatness awaits :rolleyes: