lokking for a place in brighton



I'm, a thrid year at Sussex (currently retaking my second - Doh!), and am desperately looking for somewhere reasonable, while my application for a place on campus is processed. That's probably going to take til about christmas. So, a definite want for short term, a poss for longer.

I'm relaxed, I do wash up after making food, love Psy, like pubbing or clubbing when I can afford it, and work full time in a callcentre (Network Research) so have a pretty steady income. Oh, and I study Philosophy.

I'm a tad desperate as I'm looking at having to move in with a private landlord (note WITH) and I don't like the idea of sharing a house with a normal (or possibly weird) family/quiet loner...
If you know of anything please give us a shout.

I'm not fussy, all iu want is nice people, and a reasonable price. It would be nice if there were understanding neighbours, and a vague sense of cleanliness. (Although the last one is only a wish, it's not a major problem)

Here's hoping,