Looking for a cheap double room in London


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Buenos Aires, Argentina
Hi! HOpefully i m moving to London in january and i d like to know if any1 knows about a not very expensive double room just for me.
It doesnt really matter which zone... but it d be great if there s a Tesco or similar supermarket near, nice flatmates or house mates, similar interests if possible (i ll go to study sound engineer and my goal is to make music and dj in psy events).
Zone 2 would be great, but 3 no complaints.

Best regards

Alex PsyXel
hey - me too!


if you find anywhere that has 2 rooms, maybe i'll take t'other... call 077 177 87 332

many spanks



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psyxel said:
... but it d be great if there s a Tesco or similar supermarket near

Did you know that one pound out of every eight spent in British shops is spent at tesco?? I find that really scary....Shop local people!!

Anyway, I shall stop corrupting your thread - as you were :Smile3:
so am I actually - mid to late January though... somewhere North London and quite cheap would be my option. Anyhow - ill put my own little add up too - :Wink3: - let me know if you find somewhere! :Smile3:
Hi guys! it would be great if we can move together to a house.
I m arriving to London mid january and i ll stay in my friends house til i find a place...
the only problem i ve is that i might stay in London til March/April. ANother thing is that i found a job in Canary Wharf so the house should be no more than 30/40 minutes from there. East London would be great but no problem if the house is in another area.

Let me know if we can do something 2gether :Smile3:

Hey Alex, if I know anyone looking for flatmates I'll give you a shout. Did you get my email?
A presto