Looking for a cheap room in London


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Hi everyone - I'm meeting with limited success in my search for a new place, so I'm returning to places I haven't been in a long while to broaden the search.

Boring stuff first : I'm looking for a room in a shared house with a double bed and enough space for a fairly large computer and a minimal amount of other stuff. I can't afford much, as in £75 a week at the outside most, and beyond the actual space the only thing I would really like is a broadband internet connection I can hook into. Don't need Sky, don't need a four-poster bed, don't need a harem on the corner and I can deal with crap transport links, doesn't particularly matter where as long as I can get in and out of central London. North would be nice, but really I'm not picky. It's the people, not the place!

And me? I'm 26, from all over the place, I earn a living as one of the contact juggling luminaries in the wider party scene, street performer, and occasional geek and graphics manipulator. Quiet and considerate or life and soul of the party as required of me, I've never had a complaint from anyone anywhere I've lived. Planet Angel, Tribe of Frog, Whirl-Y-Gig, Pickle, Pendragon, Synergy - looks like I'll be missing the festies this year but you get the idea of where I'm at.

If you have a place, email or PM me, reply to this thread, send a smoke signal or ask someone where you can get hold of Matte Black, Crystal Juggler. Much faith and hope!

Thanks for reading!