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I'm hoping to buy some tune-making software and my first impulse is to buy ReBirth from Propellerhead software since its cheap, but I might be willing to get Reason instead if it's worth the extra money. I've never used either before so ease-of-use would be nice for my poor virgin hands but I dont want to buy a dud just because its easy to use. Does anyone have any recommendations? It doesnt have to be either of the 2 packages I've mentioned, I just haven't heard of any others.

Many thanks

DJ Brucie

PS I don't have a Mac, just a PC but definitely wouldn't rule out buying one eventually

Edit - I just realised there's a forum for this kind of thing, sorry
I would recommend starting out buying Reason because it is a great learning tool to get into serious production. That and when and if you upgrade to something like Logic or Cubase, you can still use Reason via Rewire and it comes in quite handy. I use Rewire regularly with Cubase so you will never be wasting your money on something you will "outgrow" with Reason.

I've always thought Reason's main plus was the way in which it can teach someone learning from the beginning the ins and outs of a studio - because it is essentially a synth studio all-in-one package. That is not to say it doesn't have faults, though. Mainly the mixer which sucks and the effects are all generally pretty lousy in my experience. That is avoided with Rewire though because you skip the mixer and can use effects in your host sequencer.

In the end, a good musician can make good tracks with anything - Reason, Fruityloops or just some drum machine, synth and a 4track.
Another one u can try is Fruity Loops. That s the one i use to make my tunes. Reason is ok but the only problem is that u cant use VST plugins (i think so unless ReWire do the jobby).
Another advantage of the Fruity Loops is that u can find it in the net. It costs 100 us dollars but u know... :Wink3:
If u want more info go to http://www.flstudio.com/ or just PM me and i ll tell u where u can find these soft so u can test it and see for urself how good it is.
yeah fruityloops is good these days - its not quite as powerful as logic / cubase but its getting there, and the interface is very intuitive, i'd definitely recommend it as something to learn writing music with. its cheap, especially if you just get the basic version, and you get lifetime free updates. (i bought version 3 a few years back and i'm looking forward to getting version 5 for free in the next few months - they've finally sorted out the automation :Grin: )