Looking for a room / people to team up for one (London)


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Hi, By Jan 15th I have to move from my current flat. I'm a Psyforumer who would enjoy the company of any of the beautiful souls that wonder arround here. Anyone having something to share or looking for a flat, please contact me see if we can create a new psySpot here in London.

me toooooooooooo!

i'll send a pm...

damn - i am not free before March 1st.....

goood luck to you lot though!
The house I'm lodging in is presently on the market and although there's not much interest at the moment I could get 6 weeks notice at pretty much any time. Anyone with similarly non-urgent timescales who wouldn't mind sharing in the south end of London - let me know as I haven't really got a clue what to do next ...
Claire - are you still looking? Yeah i am ok with Brixton if living with nice people :Wink3: Im though limited to March 1st... get back to me if you can :Smile3:
Am looking for Brixton/Herne Hill/Camberwell area really. But still unsure when - am waiting for someone to buy the house I'm in at the moment. Although starting to think I need to deal with the present uncertainty as it's getting uncomfortable...

Before moving in with Hen^ make him sign an agrement to wash his socks on a weekly basis..

You will thank me one day
Please don't let Henry's socks put you off taking him off my hands and moving him out of his current lodgings

He's hired a sock washer ..................................uh me .... aka muggings

Personaly i'd be slightly more afraid of ricbic's socks with his size XXX feet or Goz's he has known to have knocked out a few mice with his :Smile3: