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Hello Peeps, :Grin:

I've just moved to London into a temporary room in Brixton, and will be looking to find somewhere as of now!

Preferably in SE London, no more than £400 per month, hopefully with peeps who share similar interests...

Psy-trance parties/festies, conscious of the environment, dancing, fire-spining, good films and general fun and happiness :P

If you have a room free...or are looking for a room aswell and want to team up get in touch :Smile3:

Love Claire xx

hey :Smile3: I need to move about the same time as you, maybe we could team up and have a look? The only problem is that i am not here Dec 20- Dec 30.... so i cant look then. Would this be a problem?

Im Lyra - you met me (again :Wink3:) at teh Access All Areas stall at Antiworld :Smile3:
Hey Lyra, :Smile3:

I'm not gonna be around from 23rd Dec - 4th Jan :unsure:

But if we keep looking and keep each other posted? :bananada:

coool! :Smile3: yes, i will look around and keep you posted.

I just got some semi-bad news... and i might not be moving after all, but i will know for sure within a week though...

take care! :Smile3:
Hi girls! I m moving to London in january... i come from Argentina and i might arrive mid january to London... I m also looking for a room. East London would be great coz i found a job and it s in Canary Wharf.
The only problem i ve is that i might stay in London til March/April.

if u think we can team up let me know :Smile3:

Kind regards

Alex PsyXel
Hi Psyxel :Smile3:

Are you an axe murderer?...Cus I am and having two in the house would just be messy :Grin: :Wink3:

Cool, so long as you could find someone to fill your room if you were to move in March/April...wouldn't wanna be left paying for an extra room!

We should all keep looking with each other in mind and keep each other posted :Smile3:

If I get the job I'm going for tomorrow I'll ideally be looking for South East residence :wizard1:
Im ideally looking for North London... hm... :lol: maybe we should find something inthe middle :Wink3: although might be too expensive. North London IS the best though!!! :wub:
imm of the list :sob:

the person moving out just made a U-turn and said no....

good luck you guys though! :wub:
Sorry 2 hear your off the list...but cheers 4 good wishes :Smile3:

I definately have the job in Camberwell now (off Coldharbour Lane, Brixton), so to stay around here would be v good...but if need be a bit of travel would be ok.

How's your hunt going psyxel? :shrooms:

Hi Ultraviolet22

I m still looking for a place to stay. Actually when i arrive i ll stay in my friend s house in Canary Wharf. I m gonna stay for 3 months so i d be looking for a place only til march/april... that s my big problem...

Anyway if i know about something i ll tell u... same for u .. if u know about a place please let me know.

I m gonna work near Canary Wharf so east, north or south zone 2 would be ok.

best regards and looking forward to ur answer
what about NW

im considering moving out the place where i live now.. . Im not happy with it .
Im looking4 people who trust

i maybe zone 2 or 3. the only problem i have is i need to use the jubilee or metropolitan every day to go to work / school
Hi ultrav.

My good friend is looking for someone to share his lovely place in Forest Hill - he's a nutter with a golden heart. :wub:

Bit too bolloxed to write about it all here (white Christmas!)- pm me if you would like to know more.

hello people,

Daydreamer and Agent Smith, I've pm'd u both :Smile3:

I'm also looking at houses/flats to rent on the internet, so whoever is serious about getting a place if u give me your e-mails I can send property details to you ... and maybe we could meet up somewhere :drinking:

Hey guys,

I've been applying for a fantastic housing co-op recently...happy to pass on the details to anyone whose interested. In New Cross...dirt cheap, very cool!

Still looking at other options though, a few of us are gonna meet up tomorrow (Thursday) just so we can socialise really :drinking:

The Angel Pub. Tottenham crt rd...come join us if your looking for/have a room (or even if u just want to come meet some forumers on a Thursday night :Grin:) bout 7-8ish. There is another cool looking meeting happening in the pub at 7.30 so I'm killing 2 birds with one stone

xx :wizard1: :wizard1: